Racing draws in 93 'thanks to a revised goal in the VAR


Soccer is a state of mind. One of those phrases that by force of repeating them seem a common place, but it is still true. Between Racing and Ponferradina there was a punctual action that changed everything. The relay jumped and the one with the arrow up melted and the one who wandered half-gas rose in revolutions and took over the game. It happened in 66 ’. It was the play of the game. The tie to one achieved by Isi.

Racing Shield / Flag

A ridiculous mistake by Yoda gave the ball to Yuri and this pivoting ‘to the Gasol’, doubled the pass to Isi, who came from the face, who did not forgive and changed everything. The first part, locked and without occasions, was matched and very fought, the start of the second racing player, who came forward after a great play by the best player on the grass, Lombardo, and even, after 1-0, were those of Ania those who had control of the party. But the draw came and it was like opening the door for all racinguistas ghosts to come out. Seven matches have been advanced on the scoreboard and only one has won. That weighed. La Deportiva had 20 ’in which it passed over Racing. It was like fighting like a drunk. Up to three clamorous occasions had those of Bolo before the penalty (clamorous, but preceded by the VAR uncertainty of a possible offside).

Ponferradina Coat of Arms / Flag

The 1-2 was just punishment for the collective fraying of the locals and the final fortitude of the Bercians. Already with the stands pointing to the racinguista sports director, Ania only had to appeal to the heroic: Nuha balls. And it went well. The Hispano-Gambian, also with a VAR suspense, stirred in the area and beat Caro in the final rush.


La Deportiva, despite the draw, pissed off Santander but settled in the noble area of ​​the table, while Racing continues to decline and the big question is how Chuti Molina will react now: will he dismiss Ivan Ania when the bleacher has not touched the physicist to the master and yet has pointed him out?


Pablo Larrea (58 ', Saul Crespo), Asier Benito (63 ', Pablo Valcarce), Alberto Cayarga (74 ', Cejudo), Jon Ander Perez (79 ', David Rodriguez), Nuha (84 ', Toribio), Fran Manzanara (86 ', Yuri)


1-0, 56 ': Cejudo, 1-1, 66 ': Isaac Palazon, 1-2, 83 ': Yuri, 2-2, 89 ': Nuha


Referee: Victor Areces Franco
VAR Referee: Miguel Angel Ortiz Arias
Inaki Olaortua (18 ', Yellow) Franco Russo (39 ', Yellow) Yacouba Magagi (42 ', Yellow) Moi (43 ', Yellow) Enzo Lombardo (53 ', Yellow) Pablo Larrea (58 ', Yellow) Bunuel (75 ', Yellow) Moi (94 ', Red

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