Radio Habana Cuba | Chileans demand new Constitution and no changes to the current one


Santiago de Chile, Nov 10 (RHC) All areas of the opposition and social organizations that demand a Constituent Assembly that allows for broader democratic participation reject the proposals of the president of Chile, Sebastian Pinera, of his project of changes to the Constitution.

The announcement differs from what the vast social movement demands to participate in that process through a Constituent Assembly, because according to the president, his proposal will be discussed within the official Chile Vamos coalition, and then sent to Congress, which 'It is the place where constitutional changes have to be discussed.'

In this regard, the president of the Party for Democracy, Heraldo Munoz, argued that the citizen clamor is for a new Constitution, not for changes neither more nor less profound. It is for a plebiscite, Munoz stressed, and pointed out that a democratic constitution is needed and not one made in dictatorship.

For his part, Fuad Chahin, president of the Christian Democracy, said that 'the president is still disconnected from reality', because what could achieve an exit to the current crisis is a new Constitution, elaborated through a democratic, participatory instance '.

From the Socialist Party, its president, Alvaro Elizalde, said that if the government wants to solve this crisis 'it will have to convene a referendum for society to express itself regarding the need for a new Constitution'.

Meanwhile, the president of the Radical Party, Carlos Maldonado, denounced that "the government's strategy is, unfortunately, to continue talking about changes, but defending the Pinochet constitution in the background."

Also Claudia Dides, leader of the Brand AC coordinator, who proclaims a constituent assembly, warned that people want to participate and not that the constitution is made by Congress, which is delegitimized before the citizens.

On this important issue the fence around Pinera is closing and increasingly large sectors demand a Constituent Assembly and a new Constitution, in favor of which even the Chilean Catholic Church expressed itself.

Meanwhile, for tomorrow it is expected that the Constitution Committee of the Chamber of Deputies will vote on a series of projects concerning the process of new Constitution, the constitutional plebiscite and the mechanisms to create the new Magna Carta.

This includes the proposal presented by the communist deputy Hugo Gutierrez to hold a plebiscite on December 15, which has been seconded by other opposition deputies.

In this regard, Gutierrez has pointed out that this is an urgent demand and a clear signal should be given about the change to the Constitution, which is one of the main demands of the citizen protests that have been going on for more than three weeks (Source: PL)

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