Radio Habana Cuba | Havana: Technological Palace inaugurated, another work for the 500th anniversary


Photo: Dinella Garcia / Cubadebate.

  Photo: Dinella Garcia / Cubadebate.

By Marianela Samper

Esteban Lazo Hernandez, member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of Cuba and President of the National Assembly of Popular Power and the State Council, attended, on November 10, the opening of the “Finca de los Monos” Technology and Recreational Park , in the municipality Cerro,

He was accompanied by Luis Antonio Torres Iribar, First Secretary of the Provincial Committee of the Party in Havana and Reinaldo Garcia Zapata, President of the Government in the capital.

Special guests children and young people from the capital, among them special education centers and without subsidiary protection, the first to enjoy a work where technology and games give free rein to fantasy and knowledge.

Esteban Lazo Hernandez and Luis Antonio Torres Iribar tour the facilities of the La Finca de los Monos Technology Park.
Photo: Marcelino Vazquez / ACN.

That gift for the 500th anniversary of Havana was made possible thanks to the commitment and cooperation of different entities and organizations, as well as men and women on site for more than a year, who were recognized.

Ivan Barreto, director of CINESOFT, company of the Ministry of Education in charge of the project, recalled excitedly the moment when the authorities of the capital made the proposal to take on the challenge after touring the installation.

"For me it was another, among his wounds I began to see the works of art, his ecliptic beauty, beautiful ceilings, living rooms, gardens."

What is well thought out is almost done, Torres Iribar and Garcia Zapata told him, confirmed the support, and so it was, said Barreto.

To the natural habitat of the farm are added talking trees that offer welcome to the park with useful information and instructions. Photo: Dinella Garcia / Cubadebate.

Not even in the days of the tornado last January, which happened near the farm, did they stop working to fulfill that commitment, said also the professor of CINESOFT

“Today we inaugurate a utopia a dream that is fertilized and grows infinitely. It will be a dynamic palace, which will change and grow permanently. ” pointed

This Sunday the well-known Finca de los Monos, on the Hill, opened 10 game rooms, including technology, augmented reality, electronic shooting, digital libraries, network games, cinemas 3 and 12 D, as well as 8 outdoor thematic areas that They show that from the aborigines solutions for everyday life and fun were generated.

The newest will know about trains, planes, ships, ecological and traditional playgrounds.

Ivan Barreto confirmed that the Palace will be an example of local development projects, an exceptional way for the growth of municipalities, to directly address many of the problems we face today in the towns.

It is also an important opportunity to demonstrate the social commitment of the socialist state enterprise and that economically it will be an advantage for its growth and development.

The authorities, along with the holders of Education, Communications, Transportation, toured the facilities and interacted with the children and young people attending the Park.

Esteban Lazo Hernandez accompanied by Luis Antonio Torres Iribar and Ena Elsa Velazquez Cobiella, Minister of Education.
Photo: Marcelino Vazquez / ACN.

The President of the National Assembly of Popular Power and the Council of State, commented with the press that it is a wonderful work, for being for children and said: “While it is true that one of the most important works for the 500th anniversary is the Capitol, it must be said that this is one of the wonders that the 5 centuries of Havana really deserves. ”

He expressed the emotion to see the children enjoying and seeing behind the work the effort of those who do it, those who cooperate, and admires the unit so that work has been done between companies and municipalities to reach this day.

Lazo made a special recognition to Ivan Barreto, of CINESOFT, who was in charge of the project, for the effort to do useful work for young people and children, "he did it with his heart," he said.

Likewise, Torres Iribar and Garcia Zapata, who consecrated themselves to support the project and recommended that the history of the Finca de los Monos be written until today, converted into a Technological Palace and Recreational Park, in the Cerro municipality.

Inauguration of the La Finca de los Monos Technology Park, in Havana, on November 10, 2019. Photo: Marcelino Vazquez / ACN.

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