Radio Habana Cuba | Latin American Stadium exhibits renewed image


By: Jose Emilio Olive

Havana, Nov 10 (RHC) In the mid-millennium celebration of the founding of the town of San Cristobal de La Habana, the Latin American stadium, was rehabilitated to preserve and improve the conditions of the installation, the scene of momentous events of Cuba and the world.

For this purpose, the roofs of the stands, the improvement of the ball field, the replacement of the woodwork by the aluminum, assembly of luminaires, and the painting of the entire building, executed by a group of companies between the that are the contingents of the construction Ñico Lopez and Julio Antonio Mella, Cubiza, Contractor Company of Works of Havana, and the non-agricultural cooperative SANCOF.

Taking advantage of the completion of the rehabilitation, and as a gift to the birthday of the capital a ball game was held with veterans and glories of the sport. Juan Padilla, who was second baseman for fifteen years of the Industrial team, thanked the actions taken to keep the "Latino", for being one of the stadiums badges of Cuban baseball.

Then as part of the 59 National Baseball Series, the top of the Industrial teams and Santiago de Cuba took place, who won 10 races to 0.

Eriberto Rosales, director of the Santiago team, stressed that everything that was done to give vitality to that sports facility is well deserved by Havana for its five centuries, and that what they did was to promote a good show on the occasion.

As the Latin American stadium is an emblematic site of the capital, the 500th Anniversary plaque was unveiled, Luis Antonio Torres Iribar, First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba, Reynaldo Garcia Zapata, President of the Provincial Assembly of Popular Power, and Osvaldo Vento, president of the National Institute of Sports Physical Education and Recreation (INDER).

From left to right: Luis Antonio Torres Iribar, Osvaldo Vento and Reynaldo Garcia Zapata. (Photo: Calixto N. Llanes / Jit)

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