Radio Habana Cuba | The Spaniards will return to the polls tomorrow


The Spaniards will return to the polls tomorrow

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Madrid, Nov 9 (RHC) The Spaniards prepare to attend tomorrow, for the fourth time in four years, general elections, which according to polls will leave more fragmentation in Parliament and will not define to govern in solitaro any of the five Main political forces.

If the predictions are confirmed, agreements will once again be necessary to unlock the formation of a government, and break the institutional crisis in a country without a culture of pacts.

The elections four years ago made clear the end of bipartisanship starred during four decades by the Popular and Socialist Spanish Workers parties, with the irruption of the leftist Podemos and the liberal Citizens.

Such an outlook sharpened after the April contest, with the emergence in the Congress of Deputies of the extreme right-wing Vox party, with a harsh anti-immigrant speech and in favor of outlawing separatist formations in Catalonia.

All the surveys place the social democrats of Pedro Sanchez as the first group in the strategic Lower House, although without the absolute majority, followed by the Popular Party, Vox, United We Can, and Citizens in the fifth position. (Source: PL)

Edited by Lorena Vinas Rodriguez

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