Radio Habana Cuba | They denounce the coup script of Bolivia similar to that applied in Venezuela


Illustrative image Photo / Radio Cayaurima.

Illustrative image Photo / Radio Cayaurima.

Caracas, Nov 10 (RHC) The coup script applied in Bolivia is similar to the one previously used in Venezuela, the same scenes of violence and destruction, said on Sunday from Caracas the Socialist leader and Labor Minister Eduardo Pinate.

In an opinion article published on the website of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), the member of the national leadership of the main political force of the country said that along with the violent acts of sectors of the Bolivian opposition, 'la canalla international media does the same job of misinformation '.

Likewise, 'the fascists and imperialism are betting on fracturing the Bolivian Armed Forces, which they have not achieved so far. It is essential to maintain the unity of the people and the Bolivian revolutionary forces, the solidarity of all peoples is essential, 'Pinate said.

The official said that the Bolivian revolution is experiencing crucial moments, after radical sectors of the right bet on violence and the paralysis of the country to ignore the electoral victory of Morales and the Movement to Socialism (MAS) achieved on October 20 and produce So a coup d'etat.

'As always, the imperialist elite (?) That governs the United States directs operations against the revolutionary people, with the support of Canada, the European Union, right-wing governments of the continent and the ineffable Organization of American States, plus business sectors and Fascist politicians of Bolivia, 'said the head.

He also stressed that on the side of Evo Morales are the MAS and the progressive social and political organizations, particularly two historically fundamental forces in Bolivian history: the indigenous and the working class; In addition to the support of governments and revolutionary sectors around the world.

'Defeating the coup in Bolivia will serve the people of Our America who are on the streets today fighting neoliberalism and imperialism. We keep winning, 'the socialist leader concluded. (Source / PL)

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