Ramiro Valdes distinguished as the Illustrious Son of Villa Clara (+ Video)


Ramiro Valdes, Illustrious Son of Villa Clara

(Photo: ACN)

The Commander of the Revolution and vice-president of the Council of Ministers, Ramiro Valdes Menendez, received this Saturday, in Santa Clara, the distinction of the Illustrious Son of the province of Villa Clara.

Valdes, who in one of his most recent visits to the province confesses to feeling the son of this territory, systematically checks economic development projects in the thirteen municipalities such as the Soro Chlorine Plant of Sagua la Grande, the local manufacturing of construction materials and investments undertaken in the field of renewable energy in cooperation with the Central University and the Mechanical Plant Company.

Before receiving the distinction, the Commander of the Revolution specified the situation of Villa Clara with regard to housing and the urgent need for the province to achieve the goal of building a daily house.

The leader stressed to maximize the potential of each locality to develop all kinds of materials required to build a home.

That not only Manicaragua, Camajuani and Placetas are the only ones to produce elements from mud, but that the rest of the municipalities also potentiate this variant, the Hero of the Republic of Cuba urged.

Assailant to the Moncada Barracks and Granma expeditionary, Ramiro Valdes also starred in other summit events of the Cuban Revolution such as the Invasion to the West in Column Number Eight Round Ciro under the Heroic Guerrilla.

Years later, he fulfilled the mission of finding and bringing back the mortal remains of Che and his reinforcement group in Bolivia.

This Villa Clara land has always welcomed us from those moments when we arrived at it in the framework of the invading campaign to the west, Ramiro Valdes meant.

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