Ramiro Valdes Menendez, Illustrious Son of Villa Clara (+ Photos)


The Provincial Assembly of Popular Power
he gave for the only time the Distinction of Illustrious Son of Villa Clara to
Commander of the Revolution, Hero of the Republic of Cuba, Ramiro
Valdes Menendez, during the Eighth Regular Session of the XII Period of

In solemn appointment the trajectory of the revolutionary was recognized,
assailant of Moncada, Granma expeditionary, fighter of
Rebel Army, faithful to the ideas of Fidel and Raul.

 Valdes Menendez, member of the Political Bureau and Vice President of the
Councils of States and Ministers, has accomplished important missions,
among them the search, location, exhumation and transfer to Cuba of the
Remains of Che and his companions.

 constant dedication to consolidate Socialism in Cuba, in the battle
economic, has enabled its close relationship with the province
villaclarena in constant checks to the investment programs, in
the meetings with managers and workers of the Company
Electroquimica de Sagua, Mechanical Plant, INPUD, Polygraphic,
among other.

 the Eighth Regular Session of the XII Term of Mandate, the 74 delegates
 present condemned the blockade imposed on Cuba as the first agreement and
discussed issues related to the Local Production Program of
Building Materials, as part of the National Policy of the
Housing approved last year.

 The appointment was attended by guests Rene Mesa Villafana, Minister of the
Construction in Cuba, Yudi Rodriguez Hernandez, member of the Committee
Party Central and first secretary of its Bureau in Villa Clara,
members of the FAR and MININT, officials of the Council of the
Administration and political and mass organizations, as well as
leading producers of administrative entities and the non-sector

Under the maximum Think with everyone, the
Opinion of the Permanent Commission of attention to the activity
productive, which recognized the sustained work of VICLAR and its Companies,
 the close ties with the Central University and its headquarters
municipal, especially the Faculty of Constructions and the Center of
Research and Development of Structures and Materials CIDEM. As well as
 the incorporation of 45 new equipment and thousand 857 molds, as part of the
National Program, as well as 12 mini industries with more than 100 teams
donated by the HABITAT 2 project, which coordinates the UCLV, and that have been
pending assembly, to benefit the municipalities of
Corralillo, Burned of Guines, Sagua La Grande, Crossroads, Camajuani,
Remedies and Caibarien.

Alberto Lopez Diaz, President of the
Provincial Assembly of the Popular Power, recognized the decisive role of the
 Geominera del Centro in the development of the industry.

 the main agreements highlighted the strengthening of Production
 of Building Materials in the Popular Councils of Guinia de
 Miranda, Matagua, San Juan, San Diego del Valle and the Garden,
belonging to the municipalities of Manicaragua, Ranchuelo, Cifuentes and
Santo Domingo respectively.

Systematic work to reverse the negative results between
them: the instability in the production of bricks, the furnaces
broken down, the energy carrier deficit and the little
harnessing the potential and capacity of workers not

Jesus Martinez, director of the Local Production Company of
Building Materials, said that this year there is a greater
 quality in the manufacture of materials with respect to the previous year.

During the eighth ordinary session it was known that today, although all municipalities have installed industrial capacity, they do not manage to produce a daily home, corresponding to the support of raw materials. Therefore, as an agreement, it is also necessary to dignify the industry, to conclude the definitive certification of the concrete additive, to stimulate the use of brick by the population, and the collection of debris from the constructions to remove them, and convert them into aggregates, a recycled product for Sale as raw material.

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