Rams vs Steelers live and direct: Week 10 of the NFL


Q100:397 – 7 TOUCHDOWN PITTSBURGH! Mason Rudolph finds James Washington for the score. Chris Boswell's extra point is good.

Q102:15 Mason Rudolph moves the chains to Pittsburgh and puts them close to the Touchdown. The quarterback connects a 13-yard pass with James Washington.

Q102:53 They hit Mason Rudolph when he took the pass and the ball ends up in the hands of Nickell Robey-Coleman, but there was a punishment in the play. They pass Jalen Ramsey's pass interference. Interception does not count; 1 & 10 for Pittsburgh.

Q103:38 Mason Rudolph connects the pass with Diontae Johnson for 30 yards. Rudolph puts Steelers on the 29th of Los Angeles.

Q104:16 Tony Brooks-James carries 3 yards to the center of PIT 41.

Q104:22 Mason Rudolph looks for his receiver Diontae Johnson to the left of the field but the pass is incomplete.

Q105:00 Jared Goff sent an incomplete pass to the right of the field looking for Gerald Everett.

Q105:37 Todd Gurley takes the ball overland again 4 yards to 42 in Los Angeles.

Q106:19 Darrell Henderson Jr. takes the ball by land on the right side of the field without gain.

Q106:53 Todd Gurley carries the ovoid 13 yards to 38 in Los Angeles.

Q107:26 Todd Gurley carries the ball 9 yards down the middle.

Q108:07 Mason Rudolph finds Jaylen Samuels free and carries the ball eight yards but stays six of the first and ten mark.

Q108:51 Jaylen Samuels carries on the left and loses four yards on the play. The Los Angeles defense placed Steelers in the 48th PIT.

Q109:34 Mason Rudolph connects 13-yard pass with Diontae Johnson to move the chains for the first time for Mike Tomlin's set.

Q110:22 Jaylen Samuels keeps the 3-yard pass from Mason Rudolph.

Q111:28 Todd Gurley hauls the ovoid on the left 4 yards. Rams clearance will come.

Q111:33 Jared Goff passes to the left but the shipment is incomplete. I was looking for Todd Gurley.

Q112:21 Rams play action. Jared Goff is hit and cannot complete the pass.

Q112:21 Dead time requested by coach Sean McVay.

Q113:17 Steelers try again and leave at three and zero. Jordan Berry clears 58 yards at 18 in Los Angeles. JoJo Natson kicks back a couple of yards.

Q114:42The pass from Maurkice Pouncey to Mason Rudolph from the center comes out very hard and the quarterback was unable to pick it up. Corey Littleton takes the ball to the end zone. Greg Zurlein's extra point is good.

Q115:00 The meeting between Pittsburgh and Los Angeles at Heinz Field begins. There was no return in the initial kick.

Steelers practice before this afternoon’s meeting at Heinz Field.

Welcome to the Los Angeles Rams vs. Pittsburgh Steelers pre-minute and minute-by-minute match of the 10th week of the regular NFL season which will be played this Sunday, November 10 from Heinz Field at 4:25 p.m. ET (3:25 p.m. CT and 1:25 p.m. PT).

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