Rapid celebrates goals and assists of a young juggler


Kelvin Arase, 20, put in the 3: 0 in Altach in scene.

Vienna. After the revealing 0: 1 in the past week against St. POlten Rapid returned on the road to success. Green-white celebrated – thanks to hair-raising defensive error of Altacher – a 3-0 away win. The seventh win of the season secured fourth place.

"We designed Rapid the red carpet and beat ourselves. They have received a lottery ticket from us ", Altach coach Alex Pastoor summed up the situation aptly. All three goals by Schwab (11th / penalties), Murg (12th) and Arase (35th) were initiated by Schnitzer. Especially Maak experienced a raven-black day and was therefore "relieved" by his coach after 36 minutes. "You can make mistakes, but not in this way. It's okay to play badly, but if everyone else gets worried, it will not work ", the Dutchman sharply criticized the defender.

Kuhbauer: "A top professional!"

Rapid returned to winning ways after three winless games. "Especially in the first half, we put pressure on us, worked our way up," outlined Rapid coach Dietmar Kuhbauer his point of view. Then the Hutteldorfer made only the most necessary, kept the zero.

Arase, 20, was involved in all his matches in his second league starting line-up. "Kelvin has done really well. In addition to his speed, he has incredible stamina, rummages for more than 90 minutes, "said Kuhbauer. "He has done a very good job, putting pressure on other players – a top professional!" More junior players would also push for, for her Arase is an important role model. (Fin)

("Die Presse", print edition, 11.11.2019)

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