Raul Jimenez reaches the Wolves with a hundred goals in his career


Mexicans around the world The Mexican striker reached this figure in his match against Aston Villa

Raul Jimenez has become a reference for Wolverhampton.
Raul Jimenez has become a reference for Wolverhampton.

ANDl Mexican striker Raul Jimenez He has had a career of ups and downs in terms of his scoring odds in his different teams, and after what he did with the Wolverhampton At present, his numbers confirm that he has recovered that level that catapulted him to Europe.

Tepeji del Rio-born Hidalgo made his professional football debut in 2011 with the America,team with which he perfected his technique and confirmed himself as a confident scorer. With those of Coapa, Jimenez registered 38 annotations, his highest figure with only one team so far, of which 36 he obtained in the MX League and two more in the Concachampions.

These records earned Raul to arouse the interest of European football, particularly that of Atletico de Madrid, who completed his transfer in the middle of a large media load. However, sooner rather than later, Jimenez resented the change of air, and the few participations he had with the Colchonero team only allowed him to score a goal in the 12 months he was.

This situation led Raul to change, once again, equipment, and European winds took him to Portugal, where he fell in the ranks of the Benfica The change was radical and almost immediate, and in his experience in the Lusitanian league, Jimenez got 31 scores, but he always had a sense of uncertainty, because he was never an absolute starter and some players older than him were preferred by the coach in turn.

The second most important process in Jimenez's career, if it is not already the best, started him on his arrival in English football, because, despite having arrived at a team with a lower profile, all circumstances allowed him to stand out to the extent of becoming one of the most effective strikers of the by many considered the best league in the world. After season and a half with Wolves, the Mexican already records 30 goals, a figure he reached this Sunday to get both of his team's victory against Aston Villa

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