RDR2 looks so real that a nude mod may not be missing


Red Dead Redemption 2 for the PC is not only a way to make the game accessible to more fans, it is also the starting signal for the modders. These have already worked hard on possibilities and of course may be in the graphics of the game a Nude Mod not be missing!

Finally, Red Dead Redemption 2 has been released for PC and we can explore the Wild West. Although the game has recently been released for PC, modders have had plenty of time and play space to launch numerous mods. We all probably already saw it coming and, in principle, the game even screamed for it – the nude mod.

Almost as if you were in the movie.

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Hundreds of available character models

The mod Lenny's Simple Trainer, by LMS, allows players to make Red Dead Redemption 2 a bit easier or even more visual. Here it is made easy to put the text in an INI file and so be able to switch between different character models and the like.

The lists list hundreds of different models. Some are still unrecognized, but many are already by the name. In this list, of course, the famous gentleman on the toilet was not missing. You can find it under the path "U_M_M_ValPoopingMan_01." If a dropped pants is not enough, you may be happier with the very naked woman. These can be found under "U_F_M_RhdNudeWoman_01."

However, we recommend that you only play Lenny's Simple Trainer in offline mode and disable auto-saves, because only then does Rockstar give the green light for the fun. Thanks to pcgamer for the successful gif.

Do not forget to turn on the sound.

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