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For Juan Carlos Osorio the plan was fully fulfilled. The coach of Atletico Nacional, who presented a different scheme to what he had been presenting throughout the semester, with a 3-3-2-2, stressed that "the team had a good game" and that everything went "according to what was planned, ”although he also criticized his players for risking the end of the game when they had no need to look for a fourth goal:“ you had to control the game, ”he said.

Then the highlights of the Osorio press conference, after the match against Cucuta at Atanasio Girardot.

About the system change: "I think the team had a good game today. A performance and performance according to plan, the game idea was well executed, we were wrong there, but I assume the responsibility because the team is very used to another game idea. The draw of them, we prefer to play short to play with the remote.

In the second half, after 3-1, the team continued attacking, risking the result. I also take responsibility for that. It is a consequence of the style of play, the way we train, how we conceive the game. I think we can improve and surely we will have other good games. ”

Repairs ?: “I think their draw comes because we wanted to hold the ball at the border of the defensive third, the middle third. I take responsibility because the team feels the game that way. On the end, there was no need to risk so much and let it open the game and look for a fourth goal that was not necessary. You had to control the game. Again, it is a consequence of the way we normally play, that we always want to attack. More than repairs are things to improve. ”

Appreciations about some players: "We plan considering the calendar, three days or half maximum, between game and game. It was the opportunity for the group of 20 players who are normally, 22 with Sebastian and with Neider, to contribute and contribute to a good home run to the team.

We looked for ways to do it under strictly soccer reasons, but it was impossible because of our players' call to the national team. We looked for a way with Andres and Juan Pablo to stay here, because we believe in them, they are very important and they were going to participate. That was demonstrated, starting in a very important game for the club. Andres had to leave for a small injury. Juan Pablo: he trains better, I have always believed in him. I think he will take that leap of quality that we all expect from him. I'm glad because it was their game because they leave and we don't know what's going to happen. ”

The work of Boats in the new scheme: "There are several ways to have tickets in the last third, we can also use them, train them and use them. Hernan especially served us a lot to hold the ball to connect either by prolonging or lowering the ball and connecting with the half tip and the central steering wheel that was incorporated into the last third. It worked on the week, gave good results and credit for the boys who executed it very well. ”

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