Real Madrid charges its eighth victim


He Real Madrid this Sunday added his eighth consecutive league win against a soulless Unicaja who played with jerks and barely had options before an opponent, superior from beginning to end, who could reserve his players for the battle on Thursday against the Barca in Euroleague (82-71).

With Walter Tavares dominating under hoops and Gabriel Deck as a stiletto, Real Madrid took command of the game since the initial jump and solvedly controlled a first quarter in which the Argentine international, with ten points and four rebounds, was enough to keep Stripe your rival.

In the first quarter Madrid already won by eight

With one less march, Unicaja paid dearly for its cold start. Without ideas in attack or solidity back, he went ten points down that stayed at eight at the end of about ten minutes of clear local dominance (21-13, min 10).

In the resumption, two initial triples of Carlos Suarez put the Andalusians in the game, although Anthony Randolph immediately replied from both the same position. With the passing of the minutes, the clash matched thanks to the defensive improvement of Luis Casimiro's men and Volodymir Gerun's points.

In the equator of the second act, Unicaja confirmed his awakening and reached three points. The joy was short-lived because a triple by Rudy Fernandez and two others by Jaycee Carroll in less than a minute returned a comfortable mattress to a Real Madrid that, although it dominated with solvency, did not finish breaking the game.

At rest, whites clearly dominated

The break came with the clash on track for whites (46-37) and much to improve in the box team if he wanted to get in trouble the leader of the competition, which doubled in valuation (60-31) and enough its success from the perimeter (8/14, 57 percent) to dominate without frights.

A 7-0 exit aggravated the situation for the people of Malaga, who were still apathetic and, almost without realizing it, were down 16 after two minutes of drought in attack and with only five points scored in more than six minutes of the third quarter .

In front, Real Madrid played with the comfort that gave the score. A triple by Fabien Causeur imprisoned the victory ahead of schedule and forced Luis Casimiro to ask for dead time in the absence of ideas from his players, who did not work back and suffered to score points in each attack (60-42, min 26) .

The measure had its effect and the improvement in his team resulted in a partial 2-9 that allowed him to arrive alive in the last ten minutes. The points came with droppers in both baskets and, although the Andalusians remained alive for several minutes, the Tavares plugs and five points followed by Sergio Llull avoided major scares in the WiZink Center (68-57, min 35).

So far came the forces of a Unicaja in which Josh Adams and Carlos Suarez tried everything and stood out for their fight and delivery, which was not enough to bother the leader of the ACB, who already has his mind set on his next battle , on Thursday against Barca in Euroleague.

Data sheet:

Real Madrid, 82 – Unicaja, 71

82 – Real Madrid (21 + 25 + 16 + 20): Llull (13), Taylor (5), Deck (12), Randolph (10) and Tavares (10) – initial five -, Causeur (5), Fernandez ( 3), Campazzo (5), Laprovittola (6), Garuba (-), Carroll (8) and Mickey (5).

71 – Unicaja (13 + 24 + 14 + 20): Adams (16), Toupane (5), Ejim (4), Thompson (7) and Elegar (-) – titular quintet-, Fernandez (2), Avramovic (6 ), Diaz (-), Waczynski (2), Guerrero (2), Suarez (16) and Gerun (11).

Referees: Emilio Perez Pizarro, Luis Miguel Castillo and Arnau Padros. Without removed

Incidents: Match of the eighth day of the Endesa League played at the Wizink Center in Madrid before 8,510 spectators.

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