Real Madrid is silent about Bale and James


Zinedine Zidane has no bright speech. He says things to the leg of the flat with which it is not known if he has any news that we have not heard more times. In his appearances before the news media he ends up stating that everything is going well, that his players are magnificent and that the least contribution to adversaries seems as usual as the occasions when he does not have to exalt glories. On the contrary, he refrains from pointing and much less singing the palynodia. A couple of weeks ago I was in such a precarious situation that even the greatest turiferaries had begun to suggest arrival as stomatant as Mourinho's. Two victories per win give the impression that all previous disappointments have not existed. Leganes and Eibar, which are not Liverpool or City, have served to lift morale and silence bad habits. These, of course, those of Bale and James.

For Zidane there is no problem with the two outsiders. Doctors do not talk about their injuries although they are not to play in Madrid. However, both are going to play with their respective selections. The question begins to be horrific and worse, that the coach pass them almost naturally and the club has not said anything about it. Nor is it a matter of Butragueno, who is spokesperson for the entity, because it can be expected even less statement that satisfies the partners. They wonder why the problem persists of both players who do not endure until the end of the game as it happened on the day of the tie with Betis, or do not arrive in time to go to the locker room to give encouragement to the teammates as James did on the day of Leganes Both players have not declared themselves in default or the club takes disciplinary action. He pretends not to be aware. At least in the news media.

The best thing that has happened to Madrid in recent weeks has been Hazard's stellar appearance. He had been below what is expected of him and has finally made an appearance. The great player has stopped being unknown. It has already been assembled on the computer.

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