Real Madrid lifts the wall


“Defending is not just a matter of Courtois or the defense, is also a matter of the strikers, who have to help. ” Zidane clearly explained the idea that is perfectly executing the Real Madrid in the last five games. In those in which he has not received a single goal and in which he has only awarded 11 shots between the three suits. That is, the Belgian goalkeeper in these duels has received an average of 2.2 shots. Some data that show that since Majorca, when Junior Lake pierced for the last time the Madrid goal with a whip from the front, the team Zizou It has become an impassable wall for rivals.

Real Madrid does not receive goals and, without a doubt, that is very good. Logic says that a team with that quality if you are able to keep your goal to zero you have many options to be victorious, but what the club and the coaching staff value most is that the team has become a wall that causes rivals to have many problems to generate danger. During this period, only Galatasaray in the match that was played in Istanbul forced to see the best version of Courtois. The rest of the opponents were not able to generate danger clearly on the Madrid goal. Which shows that Zidane has hit the key.

With small variations, but Zizou You already have a fixed team. The experiments are over. Schemes with three or five defenses are no longer visible, depending on how you want to look. The 4-3-3 is the idea that has always kept the Frenchman and the one that gave him the best results during his time as coach. Of course, to make it work, the team has to be a perfectly compacted block that goes to both attack and defense. That is the version that Madrid is showing in the last matches and the one you need to get results.

The defense starts in the lead. For Benzema, Hazard and the other player who forms the trident. Before Eibar, Eden and Lucas helped Mendy and Carvajal, preventing the rival from entering the bands. In the center, apart from Casemiro, which is the fire extinguisher par excellence, The figure of Fede Valverde has changed everything. The Uruguayan has emerged to give life to Kroos and Modric, who at his side play more at ease, and to give balance to the team. Then, the defense must work, just as it is doing in recent dates, and the goalkeeper must appear when necessary, obligation of any Real Madrid goalkeeper. When all this fits, what happens is happening now, that whites become a wall and a true steamroller.

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