Real Madrid: Thibaut Courtois on the verge of overtaking Keylor Navas


Thibaut Courtois finally seems to integrate with Real Madrid. After a mixed season, the beginning of it was also complicated. But the Belgian goalkeeper has grown in power over the games and finally shows his true face.

Not only did Courtois' performances improve, but he also began to be steady and gradually in the history of Real Madrid to a position where many legends are spent lately.

Keylor Navas, PSG's current goalkeeper, had a record of 533 minutes without conceding goals with Real Madrid. Thibaut Courtois is currently at 531 minutes and should therefore break this record quickly before targeting that of Casillas. The Spanish goalkeeper managed to reach the 592 minutes without conceding a goal.

The former Chelsea goalkeeper spoke about his situation after a new clean-sheet against EIbar.

"It's not just the job of the goalkeeper, but of the whole team, you have to defend together and attack together. I would always be happy not to take a goal, that's obvious. In front of Betis, I would have preferred to take a goal and win. But I never lost in serenity, I know what I'm worth. I knew that sooner or later … I never lost confidence in myself. "

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