Reasons why Marcelo Gallardo is not Barca's solution


With Valverde more questioned than ever, names of future technicians do not cease to come to the cule bench. The Koeman option seems the most logical by style, but the even more romantic prefer a still inexperienced Xavi Hernandez.

In these, the name of Marcelo Gallardo, which has uploaded its cache after recent successes with River plate, a club as big in Argentina as Barca is in Spain. He would be backed by important soccer men like Rafa Marquez, who sees him prepared to get on a bench as demanding as the Camp Nou, although this bet would also include a high risk factor.

The last similar precedent was the adventure of Tata Martino, which ended with a blank season and a football without identity that was blamed on the mood blow derived from the tragedy that involved Tito Vilanova. Martino was never accepted in Barcelona, ​​where he felt a strange element, slave of a style that did not quite fit his ideals and questioned about starting to renounce the highly valued possession. It was a failed experiment that forced a bet on a coach with a Blaugrana past like Luis Enrique, respected by the fans and connoisseur of the house and its surroundings. This last factor, in a club as unique as Barca, is of vital importance and complicates the stay to profiles such as Marcelo Gallardo, who would arrive with new formulas and from a very different football. Too.

Betting on the River technician would be a risk decision with improvisation dyes, leaving the project in the hands of an inexperienced technician in Europe, who would have to take over a locker room where the players have a great weight and decisions are made to make With important names. Gallardo no, please!

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