Red blue in the Ticker: FC Lugano Vs. FC Basel



FC Basel want to take the momentum in the Ticino after getting through in the Europa League against Getafe. The opponent is called FC Lugano.

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Score FC Lugano vs. FC Basel

67 'replacement replacement
Second change at FC Lugano!

Balint Vecsei is going through Miroslav Covilo replaced.

65 '

Interim results from Bern:

The FC St. Gallen was able to compensate against the BSC Young Boys to 3: 3. Thus, Red Blue would now stand at the final whistle again league leaders.

60 '

Valentin Stocker with the next degree. His hammer is still deflected and results in a corner.

59 '

… but the shot of Fabian Frei Walk a good meter over the gate. The attack looked promising.

58 '

Now again a small printing phase of the Basler …

56 '

FC Lugano are now trying to bring the FCB in distress. Still can not do that. But red blue is good for keeping your concentration high.

51 '

Completion of the FCB!

Valentin Stocker pulls from the edge of the box. He sights the short corner. His shot hisses past the post.

49 '

Chance for FC Lugano!

The Ticino come out cheekier and fresher from the cabin than the FCB. Right in the starting minutes two dangerous shots rush through the Basel penalty area. That was close.

47 '

At half time there were no changes on both sides.

45 'kick-off kick-off
Continue in Ticino!

The FCB clearly dominated the first half. Let's see – if it goes on like this. The ball rolls again!

46 'Break Break
Halftime at Stadio Cornaredo!

The FCB presents itself extremely efficient in this first half in Ticino. Red Blue came dangerously three times in front of the opponent's goal. It has crashed twice. The leadership is absolutely deserved. Lugano has not found a way to be dangerous.

42 '

Chance for the FCB!

Valentin Stocker will be in a double pass with Kemal Ademi sent steeply. The FCB Captain takes off from an acute angle. Noam Baumann is fast down and can parry.

40 '

The Ticino audience is not amused from the performance of their proteges. Some spectators say goodbye to the half-time break.

37 '

Penalty or not?

The FC Lugano complains loudly. Jonas Omlin should Alexander Gerndt Fouled in the Straufraum. The referee waves immediately. Even the VAR does not turn on.

34 'replacement replacement
Maurizio Jacobacci – the coach of Lugano – reacts promptly: he takes Nicola Dalmonte from the field. Sandi Lovric comes in the lot.
31 'goal goal
Goal for the FCB!

Again, the FCB plays on the left side and plays flat in the middle. This time lurks Fabian Frei in the back room and pushes freezing via post. The next door out of nowhere for redblue.

29 '

In the last few minutes, the game seems pretty broken. The FCB delivers the ball almost as fast as the FC Lugano. In short, it does not really happen.

28 '

Completion of FC Lugano!

Taulant Xhaka loses the ball in midfield. Then pull Carlinhos Junior on the Basel Gate. His shot goes but meter over the box of Jonas Omlin,

24 'Yellow card Yellow card
Numa Lavanchy remains dazed at the midline. What happened? Fabian Frei has brought in rudeness of the legs. For the Basel sees the yellow card.
23 '

Completion of Red Blue!

Edon Zhegrova do his thing again! The youngster grabs the ball on the wing and moves inwards. There he finds the gap for the degree. His dandy flies though in the arms of Noam Baumann.

21 'Yellow card Yellow card
Eray COmert Yellow looks for a tactical foul on the midline.
21 '

Many attacks of the FCB are promising. Failure but the precision in the last third.

17 '

The FCB controls the events. Except for some quick counter-attacks of the Ticino – it is red blue dictates the speed of play here.

16 '

Chance for the FCB!

Super speculated by Kevin Bua. The winger smells the back pass from Mijat Maric at his goalie and can go in between. The FCB player can but Noam Baumann do not overcome. This lies dizzy after the collision.

12 'goal goal
Goal for the FCB!

Valentin Stocker is excellently launched by Fabian Frei, This places flat across and there is Kemal Ademi right. The guide for red-blue!

10 '

Confusion on the penalty area of ​​FC Lugano!

Edon Zhegrova and Valentin Stocker try the double pass. The ball hangs and somehow lands again at the feet of Stocker. He wants to hit it – but hits the ball.

9 '

Corner for the FCB!

Fabian Frei bring the leather in the middle. There rises Kemal Ademi high. His shot or deflector goes a few meters next to it.

7 '

Chance for FC Lugano!

The Ticino bring the ball into the box. There distracts Omar Alderete the ball is insufficient. Marco Aratore comes rushed and skin volley on it. His shot goes just past the far post.

3 '

The first attack of red-blue!

Edon Zhegrova makes the game fast. Takes on left Raoul Petretta With. This skin on it. His shot is blocked. First liquid attack of the FCB.


The Ticino begin defiantly. The FCB wants to switch quickly immediately. The first steep pass from Valentin Stocker on Kevin Bua but is too optimistic.

0 'kick-off kick-off
Let's go in Ticino! The FCB has Anspiel!

Running in of the teams

Both teams enter the lawn of Stadio Cornaredo. The FCB plays in white today.

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