Red Dead Redemption 2 (PC) Under Test – For a handful of bugs


It should be a belated love letter to the PC. With Red Dead Redemption 2 After a year of console exclusivity, Rockstar ventures onto the gaming platform of unlimited possibilities! Whether the Western Epic the laurels is fair, you read in my review. I will focus on the special features of the PC version in this article. If you're talking about the storyline and gameplay of Red Dead Redemption 2 I want to inform you, I recommend you the review of the console version of the game,


  • Publisher and Developer: Rockstar Games
  • Genre: Third Person Open World Game
  • Game modes: single and multiplayer
  • Platforms: PC, PS4, XBO, Stadia

Every beginning is hard

But before you can saddle your horse and ride towards sunset, you have to overcome some hurdles as a PC player. There is the Rockstar Game Launcher. Not that the world would have needed another launcher besides Steam, Origin, Uplay and Co. Alternatively, RDR2 can also be obtained from the Epic Games Launcher. Steam will follow in December. In addition, to be able to save scores in the cloud and gain access to the multiplayer portion of the game, Red Dead Online, you need a Rockstar Social Club account. Oh, and then there's the 112 GB of storage space that the title wants to use on your hard drive. After almost 4 hours the download is finished, and finally we can start.

Red Dead Redemption ended unexpectedly

But what is that? After a few minutes in the snowy Tutorial Mountains, I'm back on the desktop, and look instead of roughy outlaws an error message that keeps me dry informed: "Red Dead Redemption 2 was terminated unexpectedly ". According to Reddit, this was neither an exception nor an isolated case. Here users complain massively about permanent crashes and hangers. This is particularly annoying during ongoing missions that can take some time, but you have to start all over again after a crash. Frustrated shepherds against their will probably know what I'm talking about.

Although Rockstar has extended your FAQs with some tips and tricks on how to handle the bug, and added another 2.7 GB patch later, the problem has not really been resolved to this day.

In addition to this real showstopper, there are also other minor defects to complain about. So sets Red Dead Redemption 2 While installing a desktop icon, you can only start the game with the Rockstar Launcher. If you use the Vulcan engine instead of DirectX 12, the pause menu will flicker so much that it can not be used anymore. Other players complain about running stutters and graphic bugs. And then there's the sometimes very loveless keyboard and mouse support:


That Red Dead Redemption 2 Originally developed for consoles, you clearly notice the game. It's best to consult with an XBox gamepad. But if you grab the mouse and keyboard, you will notice the very idiosyncratic key mapping. While your main character controls with the WASD keys, the arrow keys must be used in some menus instead. You can also hover the mouse over various entries in a game menu, but instead of a click, the Enter key is needed again to select the entry. All in all, unfortunately, a very inconsistent and inadequate implementation, which Rockstar would have done a lot better with a little more attention to detail.

But enough bitching: Surely there are positives to report? In fact, where these problems can be resolved over time, the key strengths of the game are the Red Dead Redemption 2 also shine on the PC. for example the graphics!

Graphics and presentation

As mentioned above, is RDR2 a true PC benchmark for enthusiasts and overclockers! Was it once said: "Can it run Crysis?", This saying can now be confidently applied to the Western epic of Rockstar. Although the game runs perfectly under moderate system requirements, the real euphoria only comes up on an optimally equipped PC with full computing power. Because when the first slider on the setting "Ultra" scratch, the world unfolds Red Dead Redemption 2 her true beauty! Volumetric smoke, dense vegetation and a variety of weather conditions look so realistic that it is a real feast for the eyes. Even the Rockstar-typical oversized characters all look like living, breathing personalities!

On the PC, the developers are still a bit pebble, and stage the already impressive Wild West backdrop in 4K, HDR and high frame rate, provided appropriate hardware. In particular, the image refresh rate, which can be significantly increased compared to the console version, makes the buttery animations of humans and animals even better.


As with GTA V, RDR2 is delivering an independent multiplayer mode with Red Dead Online, which will provide long-term motivation and full cash on Rockstar. Instead of the story-warrior Arthur Morgan you control in it an individual ReckIn and done together with other players missions or measure in the PVP against each other. Unlike the console version is on the PC no online subscription a la PS Plus needed. You only need a fast internet connection. Rockstar still wants to earn money, so players can buy gold bars with real money, which can be exchanged for cosmetic items, horses and weapons in the game.

rating: 8th pixel

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