Red-White Moral Monsters took victory in the young bulls


Football can be so easy. At least the football that the Red-Whites are currently practicing: If the result does not match at the end of regular time, the ball is simply kicked once more in stoppage time. This happened a week ago against the GAK, as the recently substitute Okan Yilmaz scored in the 92nd minute equalizer to 2: 2. And now in the 14th round of the 2nd Bundesliga again. This time the red-white appendage was allowed to cheer even over three points after a final thriller.But in turn. The Lieferinger young bulls ranked in the table on a relegation place, the SK Forward mixed in the chasing group of the hurried title duo Klagenfurt and Ried. No one dared speak of a favorite role of guests from Steyr. The talent stables of the Salzburg Champions League heroes went to work in the first place, brisk and dedicated. On Lieferinger side stormed with the 17-year-old Karim Adeyemi even one for whom Red Bull Salzburg reportedly a 15-million-euro offer from Barcelona has rejected. Bad luck for him. For now he found in Reini Grossalber in forward gate his master.
However, neither Adeyemi nor Grossalber became the tragic hero of the first half. This role was reserved for Michael Halbartschlager. The 27-year-old Steyrtaler struck a hook in the 29th minute and hit from distance with links to the already deserved lead for the SKV. Only nine minutes later, the already yellow-flagged forward defender was again in the spotlight. He cleared the assaulting Adeyemi well before the 16, cashed the second yellow and flew off.
"An absolutely unjustified exclusion," foiled coach Willi Wahlmuller long after the final whistle.
Jungmin Kim skilfully crossed the free-kick for the red card, but Grossalber did not have to intervene, which was done by the right post, which saved him. Afterwards forward stirred with two four-chain stable concrete, which only crumbled in the 89th minute. Luis Phelipe De Souza Figueiredo scored the equalizer with 1: 1.
"That was to be feared that at some point the ball gets lost in our goal," said Wahlmuller.
But the young Lieferinger were not satisfied with this point. They wanted more and got nothing. Or: They conceded two more hits the Steyr. Once again Wahlmuller proved his golden touch. The 74th-minute substitute Josip Martinovic scored in the 90th minute, the 2: 1 for the red-whites, just four minutes later Mirsad Sulejmanovic massively made the final score to 3: 1 ago. Assist came from substitute Yilmaz.
Thus, the SK Vorwarts Steyr in the table before the final game between Lafnitz and the GAK on rank 3.



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