Referee Martin Thomsen rejects Paderborn allegations


Referee responds to SCP allegations


Martin Thomsen was fourth official in Paderborn

Martin Thomsen was fourth official in Paderborn
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After Paderborn manager Martin Przondziono has accused him of disparaging statements, referee Martin Thomsen reacts in a statement.

Referee Martin Thomsen has denied in a statement on Sunday the allegations on the part of SC Paderborn, after which he SCP manager Martin Przondziono derogatory statements ("Then you play blind but better football") should have whispered.

"The statement made by Mr. Przondziono is absolutely baseless and has no basis," Thomsen said on Sunday.

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He assures, "that I made this and no other statement, which could be understood in this direction, to the Paderborn way of playing". Thomsen emphasized, "that the statement was not made by me, and I strongly reject the allegation of any kind of insult."

Thomsen was in the 0-1 of Paderborn against FC Augsburg as the fourth official in action.

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