Renault Captur vs. Peugeot 2008, Citroen C3 Aircross and VW T-Cross: The Price Match


The match of the basic versions

Let's be clear: you will be few to buy these basic versions, especially intended to offer a call price. But if your budget is very tight, it's the C3 Aircross you need. Not content to offer more generous discounts than its more recent competitors, it is also the most powerful of the lot, with its 1.2 PureTech 110 hp, and starts from € 18,150, while the new Captur does not offer less than € 18,600 with its TCe 100, the T-Cross starts at € 20,620 in TSI 95 and the 2008 starts at € 21,500 with the Puretech 100 hp!

Basic equipment at Renault and Citroen

Large price differences that also hide huge differences in equipment. To be competitive, the small SUV Renault and Citroen indeed make many dead ends. If the first one receives 100% diode headlights, a sliding seat, assistance in maintaining the line, the cruise control or the automatic lighting of the lights in series, it is in return private radio or air conditioning! While his competitor Chevrons benefits from a sound system, certainly basic, but must also do without air conditioning, while being content with a bench and a block of aid to less modern driving.

The basic Renault Captur makes the minimum on board.
The basic Renault Captur makes the minimum on board.© Renault

In comparison, the T-Cross is generous: in addition to the air conditioning and a sliding bench, it receives from the outset blind spot monitoring, an 8-inch touch screen and even an active cruise control! More imposing but much more expensive, the 2008 is not really better: if he receives a reverse radar and lighting 100% diodes absent on his German rival, he must also deal with a central slab a little smaller (7 inches) and a conventional cruise control.

Prices of the new 2008 in detail

The match of intermediate gasoline versions

More bulky than their predecessors, the new 2008 and Captur can more easily play the role of family. Opting for a gasoline engine more muscular than that of access makes sense. For the Renault SUV, however, it requires the passage to the second level of finish, Zen, with a bill that climbs to € 22,100 minimum. Fortunately, this time, the equipment is indeed decent: 7-inch touch screen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, 17-inch alloy wheels, air conditioning, hands-free card, leather steering wheel … Even with the basic Active version, the 2008 Puretech 130 remains more expensive: € 23,300. While posting an endowment, even if the gap remains limited in this area.

Even if it adopts a more adventurous look, this C3 Aircross does not turn its back completely to its predecessor, the C3 Picasso minivan.
Even if it adopts a more adventurous look, this C3 Aircross does not turn its back completely to its predecessor, the C3 Picasso minivan.© Citroen

This time, the C3 Aircross may seem less competitive, since the Puretech 130 is available at a price of € 24,750. But this engine is only offered on the high-end Shine and in combination with the EAT6 automatic gearbox. The price-equipment ratio therefore remains much more aggressive than at Peugeot, with automatic climate control, a sliding seat or 17-inch alloy wheels in addition to a navigation system with 7-inch touch screen.

115 hp maximum for the T-Cross

As for the T-Cross, it does not offer here a directly comparable offer. Unlike his big brother T-Roc, much more expensive, it caps indeed to 115 ch. A motorized charged more expensive than the Captur TCe 130, since it starts at 23 050 on the second level of finish, Lounge, barely better equipped than the entry level: alloy wheels, leather steering wheel, rain sensor, seats front adjustable in height …

The prices of the new Captur in detail

The diesel match

Less and less popular in this category, diesel still retains followers, especially those living far from major cities. None of these competitors therefore dispenses with this fuel. Once again, the C3 Aircross is here the most aggressive, offering its BlueHDi 100 from € 19,600 on the entry level Live. This is the big gap with the 2008, which requires 23 100 € for the same engine, with an endowment certainly much more complete.

This T-Cross is pleasant and safe to lead, failing to shine by his agility.
This T-Cross is pleasant and safe to lead, failing to shine by his agility.© Volkswagen

Once is not custom, the Captur does however no better, with € 23,200 minimum for its Blue dCi 95, only available from the second level, Zen. But the T-Cross TDi 95 is even more expensive, even with the basic version: 24,200 €. A sum that corresponds to the Blue DCi 115 at the Losange, which is the only one to have two levels of power.

The match of the high versions

More than € 30,000 for a Captur? Yes, it is now possible. With the 1.3 TCe 155, only associated with the EDC double-clutch gearbox, the bill reaches up to € 30,800, and the Blue dCi 115 diesel can go up to € 32,000 with the same automatic transmission. But this salty addition corresponds to the finish Initiale Paris, whose equipment is plethoric: leather upholstery, heated front, digital instrumentation 10.2 inches, touch screen 9.3 inches vertical, Bose audio system …

Captur Initiale Paris takes care of its exterior appearance.
Captur Initiale Paris takes care of its exterior appearance.© Renault

On the 2008, if we put the electric aside, the high-end GT is reserved for the 155 hp 1.2 Puretech, with an automatic gearbox EAT8 imposed. It will be necessary to pay here of 32 900 €, whereas the endowment appears a little less luxurious than that of the competitor with the Losange: if the screen reaches 10 inches, the upholstery only marries the Alcantara and the PET, kind of artificial leather.

Our test of the new Captur TCe 155 Initiale Paris

€ 27,880 maximum for the T-Cross … and € 24,750 for the C3 Aircross

In comparison, the C3 Aircross and T-Cross appear again more reasonable. Only the VW can exceed 30 000 €, but only with the 1.6 TDI 95 diesel associated with the DSG double clutch gearbox. In essence, the same R-Line finishes, sporty look, and Carat, more focused on comfort, capped at € 27,880. The downside, we must be satisfied with the 1.0 TSI 115 supported by the DSG7, while the equipment remains behind the two French: 8-inch touch screen, optional digital instrumentation at 435 € on the R-Line ( standard on Carat), fabric seats …

A statement also valid for the C3 Aircross since it does not offer better than the version Puretech 130 Shine evoked in the match of the intermediate gasoline versions, with an invoice which thus reaches 24 750 €.

The match of the green versions

Here there is no (yet) match. Only the 2008 has already opened orders for its "green" version, the e-2008 100% electric. Displayed from € 37,100 in Active finish, it is obviously not given, but this price drop of € 6,000 thanks to the government bonus.

Aid that will not benefit the future Captur E-Tech plug-in hybrid, launched in the spring of 2020, nor the hybrid version "classic" proposed later. It will be interesting to see how Renault positions these two new variants. On the side of Citroen and Volkswagen, however, nothing is expected on this generation for C3 Aircross and T-Cross.

The thermal and electrical versions of the 2008 keep a very close look.
The thermal and electrical versions of the 2008 keep a very close look.© © PEUGEOT

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