Report: Russian donors of Tories mentioned in parliamentary report


London, Moscow – The names of several Russian Conservative donors are said to be listed in a parliamentary report on threats to democracy in Britain. The Sunday Times reported this, citing insider sources. The party did not comment on the report at first.

In what context the donors are called there is unclear. Their names are known anyway. Party donations over 7500 pounds (8705 euros) must be declared in the UK. However, allegedly appearing in a report on threats from Russia is likely to cause concern among many Britons.

The government refused to release the report from the Committee on Homeland Security and Intelligence, despite vehement opposition claims last week. Among other things, it was examined whether there were any interferences from Russia during the election campaign before the Brexit referendum in 2016.

Private contacts to Johnson

Some of the named donors should have private contact with Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Among them is the businessman Alexander Temerko, who once described Johnson as a "friend" and speaks freely about his close relationship with the politician.

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The British are to elect a new parliament on December 12th. In the election campaign, Johnson accused the opposition Labor Party of sympathizing with Moscow. Now he might have to justify himself. (APA, dpa)

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