Results general elections 10N in Valencian Community: these are the Valencian deputies


The thirty-two deputies elected by the Valencian Community to the Congress of Deputies, after the results of the general elections of 10N, in the districts of Valencia, Castello and Alicante, are these:

1. Valencia

The fifteen deputies elected by the district of Valencia (4 of the PSOE, 4 of the PP, 3 of Vox, 2 United We Can, 1 of Mes Compromis and 1 of Citizens) are the following:


1. Jose Luis Abalos Meco. 59 years Diploma in Teaching. Minister of development. Secretary of Organization of the PSOE. National deputy since the ninth legislature. He has been a councilor in the Valencia City Council and provincial deputy.

2. Ana Botella Gomez. 61 years Degree in Geography and History. Secretary of State for Security. She has been a councilor in the City Council of Valencia and delegate of the Government in the Valencian Community. Deputy since the XI legislature.

3. Vicent Sarria Morell. 52 years. He has worked as a production assistant in the territorial center of RTVE. He was general secretary of Joves Socialistes. He has been a regional deputy. Councilor in the City Council of Valencia. National Deputy

4. Josefa Andres Barea. 61 years Diploma in Nursing. Official of the special inspection body of the Ministry of Health. She has been a regional deputy and MEP. National deputy


1. Belen Hoyo Julia. 35 years. Degree in Law and Political Science and Administration. A lawyer. She has been general secretary of the IVAJ and general director of the Youth of the Generalitat. PPCV National Policy Coordinator. National deputy since the tenth legislature.

2. Vicente Betoret Coll. 47 years. Degree in Law. Lawyer. Insurance broker. He has been mayor of Vilamarxant, regional deputy and provincial president of the PP. National Deputy

3. Luis Santamaria Ruiz. 50 years. Bachelor of Political Science and Sociology. Official of the Superior Body of Civil Administrations of the State. He has been president of the PP manager of the city of Valencia and regional deputy. National Deputy

4. Oscar Gamazo Mico. 43 years. Degree in Law. Diploma in institutional and business protocol. Lawyer. He has been a councilor in Potries and Gandia. National Deputy

1. Ignacio Gil Lazaro. 62 years Degree in Law. He has been a senator and deputy in Congress from 1982 to 2016 by the PP, a party he left in 2018 for not feeling already identified. National Deputy

2. Cristina Esteban Calonje. 43 years. Degree in Geography and History, in the History of Art branch. He works in banking. National Deputy

3. Julio Utrilla Cano.


1. Hector Illueca Ballester. 44 years. Doctor of Law Labor and Social Security Inspector. Professor at the University of Valencia. National Deputy

2. Roser Master Moliner. 30 years A lawyer. He has been Councilor of Esquerra United in the City Council of Sagunto. Member of the governing bodies of the PCE and IU. Head of the EUPV Institutional Area. National deputy


1. Joan Baldovi Roda. 61 years Teacher. He has been mayor of Sueca (Valencia). National deputy since 2011. Member of the Bloc.


1. Maria Munoz Vidal. 41 years. Law degree. Postgraduate in Patrimonial Management and Private Banking and Postgraduate in Urban Planning. She has developed her professional career as a personal banking manager and in private banking. National Deputy

2. Castello

The five deputies elected by the Castello constituency, 2 of the PSOE, 1 of the PP, 1 of Vox and 1 of United We can are the following:

1. Susana Ros Martinez. 50 years. Diploma in Tourism. He has been a councilor in Benicassim. Executive secretary against gender violence of the PSOE. National Deputy

2. German Renau Martinez. 41 years. Technical telecommunications engineer. Master in Business Administration. Second Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Executive Commission of the PSPV of Castellon. National Deputy

1. Oscar Clavell Lopez. 40 years. Degree in History. He was mayor of the Vall d'Uixo between 2011 and 2015. Professor of institute in the subject of History. National Deputy

1. Alberto Asarta Cuevas. 68 years General of the Army of the Earth Division, in reserve since 2013. Professor of the Master of International Relations at the Alfonso X University of Madrid. Lecturer and author of several articles.

1. Marisa Saavedra Munoz. 57 years Social worker. Member of the Valencian Citizen Council of Podem, in the Civil Society secretariat. National Deputy

3. Alicante

The twelve deputies elected by the constituency of Alicante, 4 of the PSOE, 3 of the PP, 3 of Vox, 1 of United We can and 1 of Citizens, are the following:

1. Pedro Duque Duque. 56 years. Aeronautic engineer. Astronaut. Prince of Asturias Award for International Cooperation with other astronauts. Acting Minister of Science, Innovation and Universities. National Deputy

2. Patricia Blanquer Alcaraz. 46 years. Degree in Economics and Business. Master in Audit and Business Management. Associate Professor at the UPV. He has been councilman in Alcoi. National Deputy

3. Alejandro Soler Mur. 47 years. Degree in Law and Master in Business Legal Advice. He has been mayor of Elche and provincial deputy. General Director of the public company SEPES. Deputy Secretary of Municipal Policy of the PSOE. National Deputy

4. Yolanda Seva Ruiz. 49 years. Diploma in Teaching. Teacher. Mayor of Santa Pola. President of the local executive of the PSPV of Santa Pola. National Deputy


1. Cesar Sanchez Perez. 41 years. Degree in Sociology, specializing in Advertising and Marketing. He has been a regional deputy, deputy secretary general of the PPCV and mayor of Calpe. President of the Diputacion de Alicante. National Deputy

2. Macarena Montesinos de Miguel. 58 years Labor Advisor She has been a regional deputy, councilor in Alicante and a national deputy for four legislatures.

3. Agustin Almodobar Barcelo. 41 years. Master in hospitality and tourism management. Diploma in Business and Activities. He has been a senator. National Deputy


1. Manuel Mestre Barea. 67 years Lieutenant General of the Air Force, on the reserve since 2015. Diploma of Staff by the Superior School of the Armed Forces and diploma of the Air Way College of Alabama (USA). National Deputy

2. Jose Maria Sanchez Garcia. 62 years Doctor of Law Diploma in Letters. University Professor. Lawyer. Judge on leave.

3. Eduardo Luis Ruiz Navarro.


1. Txema Guijarro Garcia. 44 years. Degree in economics. National Deputy


1. Marta Martin Llaguno. 47 years. Doctor in Information Sciences. Professor in University Deontology. Autonomous Secretary of Programs of the Autonomous Committee of Citizens in the Community. National Deputy

All the information of the 10N elections

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