Results of the general elections of November 2019 in Barcelona


The results of the general elections from November 10, 2019 in Barcelona (Barcelona) give as winner ERC-SOBIRANISTES with scrutiny at 99.06%, followed by PSC Y In Comu Podem. Follow the results of the November 2019 elections live.

ERC It has been the most voted political party in Barcelona in the general elections of Spain with a total of 170712 votes (20.95%), ahead of PSC, which has placed second with a total of 162228 votes (19.91%), and of In Comu Podem, which has remained the third force of the municipality with 127317 votes (15.63%). In fourth place has been placed JxCat with a total of 101347 votes (12.44%), and in fifth the PP with 77416 votes (9.5%). Behind them they have located Cup (6.94%), Cs (5.66%) Y Vox (5.32%). And to conclude, the least voted forces have been More Country (1.57%), he PACMA (1.01%), Zero-GV cuts (0.17%), I.Fem (0.08%), PUM + J (0.06%), he PCTC (0.04%), he PCPC (0.04%) Y IZQP (0.04%). The participation in this municipality in these general elections has been 73.55%, 4.79 points less than in the last elections. Consult all the results of the general elections of November 2019 in Barcelona in detail.

In the previous elections, ERC was the winner in the municipality with the 23.13% of votes, followed by PSC after taking out the 22.81%, and of In Comu Podem, who achieved the 16.3%. In fourth position it was placed Cs after gathering the 11.69%, and in fifth JxCat after obtaining the 10.86%. Behind were the PP (6.16%), Vox (3.37%) Y FRONT REPUBLICÀ (3.31%). And finally, the forces with the least votes were the PACMA (1.42%), Zero-GV cuts (0.2%), he PCPC (0.08%), CNV (0.06%), IZQP (0.06%) and the PCTC (0.05%).

Results of the elections in Barcelona

With the scrutiny at 99.27%, in Barcelona the PSC it has been the most voted match with 8 deputies, ahead of ERC as a second political force after collecting a total of 7 deputies (one less than the ones he achieved in April), and of In Comu Podem as third after reaching 5 deputies (one less than in April 2019). Fourth he has followed JxCat after getting a total of 4 deputies, and the PP in fifth after achieving a total of 2 deputies They have been left behind Vox after reaching 2 deputies, Cup after achieving 2 deputies and Cs after reaching a total of 2 deputies Check the results of the general elections of November 2019 in Barcelona in detail.

Results of the elections in the whole of Spain

As for the results in Spain, the PSOE he has become the winner of the general election after getting 120 seats (3 seats less than the previous elections), followed by PP, which grows and remains the second most voted political force after gathering 88 seats (22 seats more than in April 2019), and of Vox, which grows to be done with 52 seats (28 more than in April). In fourth position it is placed We can-IU, which collapses and stays with 26 seats (7 seats less), and in fifth ERC, which goes down to stay with 13 seats (2 seats less). Behind are located Cs with 10 seats, JxCat after getting 8 seats Y In Comu Podem after taking out 7 seats. The rest of the forces that have obtained parliamentary representation are PNV (7), EH Bildu (5), More Country-Equo (2), Cup (2), We can-EU (2), Canary Coalition (2), Na + (2), More Commitment (one), he BNG (one), he PRC (one) Y Teruel There (one).

Spain has been forced to call again general elections for the month of November after the failure of the Congress of Deputies to achieve the inauguration of a President of the Government. Again the PSOE from Pedro Sanchez repeats as the most voted force in Spain, although without achieving a sufficient majority to be able to govern alone. Therefore, a new period of dialogue is opened with the other political formations, where electoral pacts will be sought to solve the political blockade in Spain.

* Information prepared automatically with the results of the electoral scrutiny. Also read the chronicles of our journalists about the general elections of November 2019.

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