Results of the vote for the 2019 general elections in Seville


He data count starts at 8:00 p.m. and we will update it to the minute.

General election results of April 28

In the last general elections of 28A, the PSOE was proclaimed winner by a notable difference of more than 60,000 votes over the rest of the political forces in the city of Seville. 32.72% of the total votes went to Sanchez's, followed by 17.68% reached by the popular.

Citizens, Podemos and Vox were the other three political groupings that more votes received, with very equal percentages. 16.86% for those of Albert Rivera, 16.26% for the left of Iglesias and 12.98% for the green of Santiago Abascal. A total of 412,510 Sevillian neighbors They decided to exercise their right to vote in the spring elections.

The participation was 75, 24% and the Socialist Party turned out to be the most voted in the province of Seville with 37.39% of the votes, which resulted in a total of 5 seats, one more than in the 2016 elections.

The second political force in the Andalusian capital was Citizens with 16.8% of the vote and 2 deputies; closely followed by United We can got 15.96% and matched in seats with the game of Albert Rivera. The Popular Party, with 14.48%, also got 2 seats and Vox got the support of 12.21% of the votes.

The PSOE was the clear winner of the electoral night and obtained more than 60% of the votes in several Andalusian localities, among them, in the Sevillian municipality of Canada Rosa in which 70% of the voters supported the Socialists.

Another curious fact that the last general elections of 28A left us was that Marinaleda became the municipality with the highest percentage of voting for United We can with 60.7%. This municipality of the Sierra Sur sevillana is one of the large bastions on the left, being governed since 1979 by Juan Manuel Sanchez Gordillo of the Adelante political party.

Check the results of the general elections of November 10

After 20:00 hours, on you can check the last minute of the general elections and all the data and results minute by minute.

Further, the pactometer of laSexta it allows you to check the necessary agreements so that a new government is formed just as Antonio Garcia Ferreras does in the Al Rojo Vivo special program.

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