REVIVEZ – OM-OL (2-1): Marseille win the Olympico in a boiling Velodrome



OLYMPICO – Olympique de Marseille beat Olympique Lyonnais on Sunday after a tense meeting, thanks to a big Dimitri Payet, who scored twice (2-1). Thanks to this success, OM becomes the dauphin of the PSG.

OM finally holds its victory at an Olympico. After four defeats in a row against the Lyon enemy, now led by former Marseille coach Rudi Garcia, the Marseillais have achieved a valuable and symbolic success, on the occasion of the celebration of the 120 years of the club. Thanks to a strong pressing of entry, the men of Andre Villas-Boas very quickly took the top in the duels against Lyonnais timores, although domineering in the possession of ball.

The first lightning comes from Dimitri Payet who, after more than five minutes of floating on a scuffle between Benedetto and Dubois, transforms the sentence into force of penalty on penalty in front of Lopes, after a hand whistled against Thiago Mendes (19 '). Strong man of the Marseillais game and omnipresent in the opportunities Phoceennes, Payet will again illustrate itself by a goal of the right foot, at the entrance of the surface, on a complicated service of Maxime Lopez (39 ').

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Half an hour to 10

After the break, the Marseillais will intensify before seeing OL reduce the score by Moussa Dembele, who took advantage of a misjudgment of Alvaro Gonzalez at the far post (59 '). The match could also have tipped when the Spanish stopper Alvaro Gonzalez, who produced a jersey draw on Dembele who started on goal, barely five minutes later (64 ').

Reduced to ten, the Marseillais will finally hold good for nearly half an hour, thanks to a big slaughter of Boubacar Kamara and the combined efforts of Bouna Sarr and Jordan Amavi on the wings. Thanks to this success, OM seized second place in the standings, eight points behind PSG, and relegated his evening opponent to six lengths.



2 – 1


Orange Velodrome


90 + 5. IT'S FINIIIIIIIII !!!!!! OM wins in this Olympico on the occasion of the 120 years of the club Marseille! Led by a big Dimitri Payet, the Marseillais climbed to second place in the standings and distanced themselves from their evening opponent, led by "pariah" Rudi Garcia.


90 + 3. New fault obtained by Cherki after a beautiful slalom.


90 + 2. Amavi's fault at 40 meters on Cherki.


90. TERRIER !!!!! On a beautiful center of the right of Dubois, Terrier arms a half-volley that borders the left post of Mandanda !!!!

88. Lopez is replaced by Khaoui side Marseillais.

86. In these last minutes, OM tries to keep the OL as far as possible from its surface, especially by Amavi and Sarr on the wings.


82. Yellow card for Rongier for a foul on Jean Lucas.


80. CALETA-CAR !!! The Croatian tries his luck at 25 meters but it is countered by Denayer. The corner gives nothing.

77 '. Double scorer tonight, Payet is replaced by Germain.

72. Traore is replaced by Terrier for the last replacement Lyon.


69. JEAN LUCAS !!! The Brazilian is trying his luck right but it is countered by a corner. This one will not give anything for the OL.

67. Reduced to ten, the Marseillais seek to preserve the score by replacing Benedetto by Strootman.


65. TRAORE !!! The winger rolls a free-kick from the left but it passes very close to the left post of Mandanda!

63 '. The red for Gonzalez, taken by Dembele on a deep pass Mendes !!!


60. Amavi !!! The Olympian side doubles, helped by Payet, before stringing a powerful shot from the left but Lopes pushes!

59 '. DEMBÉLÉ !!!!! The player trained at PSG takes advantage of poor judgment Gonzalez to place a header at close range at the far post, on a center Traore! 2-1 !!!

57. Change forced for OL. Aouar is forced to give way to the youngest Cherki, just 16 years old.


55. The game is interrupted after many smoke jets that make it impossible to hold the match for a few minutes.

52 '. Aouar seems affected and will go out for treatment.

51 '. Aouar collapses in the Marseille area after a good rush from the midfield. The referee does not flinch.


49. Payet wraps his free-kick which lands on Caleta-Car's head. Safe for Lopes.


48. Foul of Cornet who left dragged his foot on the shin of Sanson to 35 meters of the goal Lyonnais.


47. TRAORE !!! At 25 meters, the attacker tries his luck directly from the left on free-kick but Mandanda is vigilant and captures the attempt in two stages.


46. Yellow card for Gonzalez for a foul foul on Aouar near the surface.


46. It is left with the commitment made by the Marseillais!

46. Jean Lucas replaces Queen-Adelaide, yet very prominent for OL in the first period.

45 + 3. It's half-time at the Velodrome on this advantage to the score for OM, thanks to a big Dimitri Payet. Upside in the game, the French international has been in all good shots and opened the penalty on penalty in the 18th minute of play before doubling the bet shortly before the break, on a nice shot from right. The club is now for the second time in Ligue 1 with this potential success.

45 + 2. TRAORE !!! On a beautiful individual action Queen-Adelaide, Cornet is served at the penalty box but Sarr against the pass that ends Traore. The Burkinabe fails to frame his shot!


45. There will be three minutes of additional time in this first act.


45. The referee briefly consults the video to decide if a foul has been committed in the surface on Queen Adelaide. Mr. Gautier finally decides to let play.

42 '. Oh it's badly negotiated by Traore! A very good counter-attack with Dembele offered to the Burkinabe but the latter misses its transmission and allows Amavi to clear his camp!


39. PAYET !!!!!!!!!! On a complicated balloon Lopez, the attacking midfielder turns and crosses perfectly his right shot! Lopes can not do anything! 2-0 !!!

33. On a big tumbled on the left wing of Cornet, Dembele relaxes to frame his head at the point of penalty but Mandanda easily captures his lobed attempt.

32 '. The decisive intervention of Kamara !!! The young minot against authority with a strike from Traore, who had eliminated Amavi a pass of legs in the surface!


31. PAYET !!! Shifted perfectly by Benedetto at the entrance to the surface, the French international shot a shot from the left on which lies Lopes!

27. Payet tries to serve Lopez in the depth on a very good ball but his teammate is too short to control.

26. Served back by Sarr, Benedetto pulls out to get the ball at the entrance to the Lyon area but Denayer intervenes.


24. Mandanda captures the corner in two stages and tries to quickly launch Benedetto into the opponent's side but Lopes had anticipated and cleared his head out of the box.

23. The corner obtained by Traore after a relay Dubois.


22 '. It was Gonzalez's turn to make a mistake on Dembele near the center circle.


20 '. While trying to turn around 20 meters, Dembele foul Rongier and allows the OM to disengage.


18 '. After a period of flutter for a clash between Benedetto and Dubois, Payet transforms the sentence into force of law before Lopes! 1-0 !!!

13 '. Oh, the hand of Thiago Mendes! After a check of the chest in the surface, the Brazilian touches the ball of the hand! Penalty for OM !!!

11 '. On a free-kick shot in two stages by Payet, Rongier inherits the ball at the entrance to the surface and arms a half-volley countered by Traore.


10 '. Cornet twists in pain after an unrestrained tackle by Sarr. The Marseillais gets a yellow card.


9 '. OL won a free-kick 35 meters after Sanson's foul on Queen Adelaide. Traore tries to play Denayer in the area but the Belgian stopper fails to save at the penalty spot.

8 '. Sanson tries to alert Benedetto deeply but his pass is too long and ends in Lopes' arms.

7 '. After five boiling minutes, the pace is somewhat reduced, the two formations gauging more.


4 '. Benedetto emerges behind his goal the Queen-Adelaide corner, embarrassed by jets of paper balls near the corner post. The following corner will not give anything.


3 '. CORNET !!! Found by Aouar on the left wing, the Ivorian winger replays in the axis and solicits Mandanda with a shot from the left!

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