Rights double the number of seats: Socialists win election in Spain


According to initial forecasts, the Socialist Party of Prime Minister Sanchez clearly wins the parliamentary elections in Spain – but a majority in power is still not in sight. The real winner of the election are the right-wing populists.
The Socialist Workers' Party (PSOE) led by Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has won the parliamentary elections in Spain by a clear margin, according to forecasts. However, according to figures from the television station RTVE and the research institute Gad3, the PSOE again clearly missed the absolute majority with around 27.3 percent of the vote. The fourth-largest economy in the eurozone threatens to continue the political blockade.

According to forecasts, the overall picture in the Madrid "Congreso de los Diputados" will change very little in the future. The conservative People's Party PP improved accordingly to the vote at the end of April. However, it remains at around 20.1 percent, well behind the Socialists only second largest fraction. A grand coalition of the two traditional parties PSOE and Partido Popular excluded the top candidates even before the election.

However, the right-wing populists of Vox rose from fifth to third place, this time according to RTVE could approximately double the number of seats to 56 to 59. In April, Vox moved into the national parliament for the first time. The left alliance Unidas Podemos (UP) follows with 30 to 34 seats and loses massively compared to April.

The main reason for the problems of government formation in Spain is the increasing fragmentation of the party landscape. In the past, a bipartisan system was in effect, with either the Socialists or the PP conservative party in power.

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