Rinaudo greeted Gallardo and left a pro River message after the game


It had not been 15 minutes of the meeting that River and Rosario Central were playing in the Monumental, when Fabian Rinaudo approached Marcelo Gallardo to greet him and congratulate him on his task at the head of the team.

For! Won't she be a mufa? Because El Canalla, who fights from date to date to escape the descent, ended up taking a triumph from the Millionaire's house.

The evil thoughts aside, the central midfielder had a gesture of chivalry with the driver of River, which would be replicated in a similar way after the meeting.

"I greeted him. He was spontaneous. And I wish him the best for the final. To all the River players and the club in general.", Rinaudo said in dialogue with the press.

And I add: "I have friends, I have ex-partners. Nacho, Milton. I know Leo, Beto, Enzo. And beyond that affinity, we all want the Cup to be brought by the River. So I wish everyone the best, because apart they deserve it".

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