Robbie Williams anticipates Christmas: "My wife gave me a Messi shirt signed by him"


"This time I wanted to do something that would remain forever. And that would be heard every Christmas." Thus begins, after greeting cordially, the telephone conversation with
Robbie williams. The British musician was born 45 years ago in the small town of Stoke-on-Trent, which today barely exceeds 260,000 inhabitants (only in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Palermo live more than 250,000). And his artistic career also dates back decades, with his first steps in the group Take That, when he was barely 16 years old.

From then until now, which is
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The Christmas Present (leaves on November 22)
Both events and so many names were part of his life. Things like his industrial scopes happened: he has sold more than 75 million records and is the non-Latin artist who sold the most in Latin America. And not to mention the resonance of his hits, the remembered "Angels", "Let Me Entertain You", "Feel", "Rock DJ". And not to mention the names that circulated around him -impossible to think of the same paragraph-, like that of
Amalia Granata (which became known for the sexual encounter with the singer) and that of
Jimmy Page (his luck as arch nemesis and "man next door" in dispute over the construction of a pool). The former Led Zeppelin is his neighbor of the house that Robbie lives in Los Angeles with his wife, the actress
Ayda Feld and his three children.

Robbie Williams and Jamie Cullum in "Merry Xmas Everybody"


Williams just released the songs
"Merry Xmas Everybody" (
with Jamie Cullum who is heard singing and is seen enjoying the catchy theme and video) and "Bad Sharon" (with boxer Tyson Fury). These themes integrate the double disc that will be published on November 22, which has a part of classic covers called
Last christmas and another part of new topics:
Future christmas.
"I wrote a lot of songs, like 35. They told me that people don't want to listen to new Christmas songs. Then I started to worry. And I decided to cover. But I had written so many songs that I liked that I wanted to use them. So we designed the part of versions as a mechanism for people to be encouraged to hear the new, "says Williams.

I will go to Argentina as soon as I can

Robbie knows that he had a kind of debt with the local public:
last year he was in Buenos Aires for the Personal Fest but could not play due to weather issues. It was then that he uploaded a video to Instagram, apologizing. And today he updates: “I will go to Argentina as soon as I can. I am still trying to organize it.” Meanwhile, he continues to immerse himself in his new project.

-What difference did you find between working in
The Christmas Present and your conventional albums?

– The different thing is that this one was not stressful to me to do it. When you edit your own album, it feels like you have the world on your shoulders. If something goes wrong, your life is over. Instead, with
Christmas It does not matter.

For Robbie Williams, MIchael Buble is
For Robbie Williams, MIchael Buble is "the owner of Christmas"

– "Time for change" leads to reflection on the Christmas spirit, talks about making a difference, letting it flow. And he says: "You will soon be forgotten." In what way do you agree with that message?
-You know, our moment here on earth is fleeting, it happens very fast. I suppose that everything that stresses us today, worries us and involves us will be forgotten over time.

-How is your own Christmas experience?
-I love christmas. My wife is a professional souvenir maker. She is simply the spirit of Christmas, it is the reason I love this party so much.

-For some people it is a sad time.
-Because they are telling you from the outside that you should be having a happy time. But if not, it is not. They can't impose it on you.

-What memories do you have of last Christmas?
-I come from a family of separated parents. Mom tried to do what she could, she did an amazing job. She broke her back to give us the best memories.

Robbie Williams is very aware when his wife gave him an autographed Messi shirt; for him it is the best Christmas gift he received in his life
Robbie Williams is very aware when his wife gave him an autographed Messi shirt; for him it is the best Christmas gift he received in his life

-What was the cutest gift you got for Christmas?
-The cutest gift I received for Christmas? My wife gave me a Lionel Messi football shirt, signed by Lionel Messi. It was a surprise and made me very happy.

– Do you agree with the non-consumer message of the theme "Let´s Not Go Shopping"?
-Not really. It is just a fun song.

-How did you decide to work in collaboration with Jamie Cullum, Rod Stewart and Bryan Adams for this project?
-I love all the people I made issues with. It's like a media and extended version of my family. I am very fortunate that they gave me their time and talent. It is good to know that you will achieve that chemistry with other people.

-Do you have a favorite album or favorite Christmas song?
-I like "Fairy Tale of New York" by The Pogues.

"Getting to Argentina was like getting to Mars or Jupiter. It seemed just as far away. Going there and creating that unforgettable memory and that incredible moment in front of so many people was one of the highlights of my life," he tells about his historical shows in River Plate

-Do you think you're finally going to dethrone Michael Buble as you joked?
– (Laughs) No, I don't think so. He is the owner of Christmas.

-What do you remember of your other visits to Argentina, of your massive shows in River?
-You have to understand that I come from a small town, and really
getting to Argentina was like getting to Mars or Jupiter. It seemed just as far away. Going there and creating that indelible memory and that incredible moment in front of so many people was one of the highlights of my life.

-They described you in a note as a guy who shares his experiences "pathologically". Do you agree with that?
-Yes, I guess so. I tend to tell people what I am thinking.

-What is the most tiring part of being Robbie Williams?
-Mmm … Don't get enough sleep! That is the only thing.

-For work?
-No, because my sleep cycle is crap.

Jimmy Page is still my neighbor, but I never talked to him

-You took some sabbatical years. Would you do it again?
-I don't think I will do it again because it was so boring. I felt as if everything had stopped: my passion, my purpose, my energy, my desire. Everything was stopped. But he taught me a valuable lesson and I always have to have goals.

-There is an anecdote that tells you that years ago you were googleing your name all night to see what the journalists you received in your London studio had written about you. Do you remember that?
-Yes! I remember (laughs).

-Do you still go google?
-Unfortunately I keep doing it. And I spend a lot of time on Twitter, too. I shouldn't, I know, it makes me sick.

– Jimmy Page is still your neighbor? Did you ever talk to him?
– He's still my neighbor, yes. And no, I never talked to Jimmy Page.

-It was said that you listened loudly to his musical rivals to anger him …
-Is not true. It would have been something very funny, but that didn't happen.

-Do you have rivals in music?
-Everybody! Everyone who makes music is my rival!

-I do not believe you.
-It's like that. I am competitive, in many ways I am a sportsman: music is my sport.

– You usually say that your talent is to show you safe on stage.
-My talent is to make people believe that I am safe and that I have everything under control.

-And it is not like that?
-Not always.

-Is it true you climbed the window to escape your wife a while ago, when you returned to smoke?
-Yes. I woke up in the morning before her and escaped to put on hand sanitizer and mouthwash. Once I put hand sanitizer in my mouth by mistake.

-How long did that last?
One month … Yes, it was like four weeks.

-Ah, quite. Your wife has no problems with sleep like you …
– (Laughs) Yes, well, it has. But I made sure I was up very well early.


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