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HHe has been a fighter and life continues to reward him with good things. His story does not have a good start, but a good development.

Andres Pilas, who was born in San Jacinto del Cauca (South of Bolivar), defeated the violence, that which in the past took away from his father Teodulo Lemus, killed by groups outside the law in Monteria (Cordoba).

His dad (q.p.d.), failed to register it. The young man lived with his grandmother Maria Pila, who did. That's why he has the last name of Pila and not Lemus.

The death of Don Teodulo was a hard moment for him. But he recovered, found in his aunt Welcome Lopez the support to get ahead. She is president of the Bolivar Archery League and proposed to practice this sport, which she didn't like at first, but after a few days she got into her heart.

In Cartagena, on a vacation at his aunt's house Welcome, he began his story in 2009. Throwing arrows and hitting the target, Pila began to make his way into the sport of Bolivar. He left his past behind, exchanged cassava and banana crops for a sport that became the true love of his life.

Thanks to this sport, he became one of Bolivar's greatest references in National Games by winning 6 gold and one silver medals.

His performance reached him to participate in the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro Brazil in 2016, in another episode of his life that he will never forget.

The previous Friday, Pila released a few tears when the Rocky Valdez Sports Unit was inaugurated by the Bolivar Governorate, where there is a stage that bears his name: Andres Pila Archery Complex.

“I am very excited, I like how this scenario was, we were waiting for it a while ago, we want to achieve now the massification of this sport. Thank you for considering me and making this possible. Now I can only do my best as always to hit the target, ”said Pila, who took the opportunity to launch his first arrows in this field.

Jercy happy

In this Sports Unit there is not only the archery scenario. There is also the Jercy Puello Skating Rink, which bears this name in honor of the skater with more world titles throughout Colombia, 29 in total.

“There are no words to express the pride and happiness that I have. Today another great dream comes true. I thank God, my parents, family and friends who have supported me throughout my sports career. A special thanks to Dumek Turbay, our governor, who promised me a stage with my name and fulfilled it, ”said Puello, while rolling down the majestic skating speed track.

A nice colosseum

In the Colosseum Major, the other scenario that is in this unit the taekwondistas are excited.

Jair Medina, Bolivar taewkondista, said that “In the National Games the party is at home, we want to be respected. This colosseum was beautiful, the spaces and lighting were perfect. We will do our best, we are ready. ”

"You have to take advantage of them"

Ana Milena Valdez, daughter of Rocky Valdez (q.e.p.d.), was also excited. “I know that my dad was very happy if he had known this great sports unit that bears his name. I am very grateful to this work, I hope that athletes take full advantage of this scenario to fulfill their dreams. The three scenarios were very nice and well conditioned. Here I will be visiting the stage whenever I can. ”

Another step

Ernesto Lucena, Minister of Sports, said that “The scenarios are already ready. Now what comes is logistics, the arrival of delegations, judges and all those people who will be in these Games. We move from infrastructure to logistics and this also has to come out perfect. ”

Dumek Turbay, governor of Bolivar, said: “Athletes are happy with these new scenarios, a great effort has been made to make the works look great. We are already on the issue of sports implementation, which will not have problems either. ” Cecilia Baena, director of the Games, added that: "We hope to fulfill the country with some good Games, we have worked very hard to achieve it."

The Games, very close

The National Games are just around the corner. They will open this Friday at the Jaime Moron Leon stadium and the competitions will start in various disciplines on Saturday. Bolivar will have 526 athletes competing in the National Games. The participating delegations have begun to arrive in Cartagena and several municipalities in Bolivar. 33 departments will participate in the most important sports events in the country.

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