Rodolfo D'Onofrio: "I would love Riquelme as president of Boca"


The statements of Juan Roman Riquelme last Thursday did not go unnoticed. Among several issues, he addressed Boca's political moment and also referred to River. Marcelo Gallardo, in his own way, replied. And now it is Rodolfo D'Onofrio's turn, who did not want to argue and even assured that he would like him to be the top leader of the Xeneize.

"As I was in Asuncion I could not see Riquelme's interview. From the little I could see he speaks to his people and must be understood. One is in a certain context and has to talk the way he speaks. I recognize him as A great player, a huge player. I don't have to talk about your opinions. I heard that I was going to be a candidate, I would love to meet him as president of Boca ", D'Onofrio said in Fox Sports.

Other statements

* South American Final: "I attended the only final of the South American because Dominguez invited the president of Flamengo and me."

* The different Gallardo River: "All the teams have given us great joys. They are excellent human groups. The River fan likes to see how this River plays."

* Rumors about Gallardo's future: "I know that Barcelona and Bayern is not true. Gallardo put together a very united group and did many things, that should be coveted by everyone."

Look also

* The final in Lima: "Conmebol told us that it was not going to be round trip. River raised Montevideo because it was a closeness for our people. Flamengo did not want Montevideo. In Paraguay we did not enter and there was no other than going to Lima. There we were always well received."

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