Rodolfo D’Onofrio lamented the change of venue of the Copa Libertadores final and ruled out the arrival of Gallardo to Barcelona


In the previous meeting of River Y Central Rosary at Monumental, Rodolfo D’Onofrio talked about the change of venue that suffered the end of the Liberators Cup, because of the social conflict it is going through Santiago of Chile.

Conmebol's decision to take the game to Lime It was a factor that "harmed" the Argentine team in planning the most important commitment of the year before the Flamengo. "It gives me immense pain not to have been able to play in Santiago. We have prepared to go there, because traveling to the capital of Chile is not the same as going to Lima. I don't talk about the city, because Peru has a beautiful capital, but I mean the distances, ”said the president of the Millionaire in dialogue with the sports signal Fox Sports.

"Conmebol did not accept it to be round trip. For us it was an option, but they ruled it out immediately. So we proposed that it be played in Montevideo to facilitate closeness with our people, but Flamengo did not want. As Paraguay was not available for the final of Colon and Valley Independent, the only closest variant was Lime”, Explained the director of the entity of Nunez. And he added: “I always put myself in the place of the fan and It hurts that this happens. We are going to play everything in Peru, where they have always received us in the best way ”,

Rodolfo D’Onofrio came to Buenos Aires after a trip to Paraguay, where he witnessed the triumph of the Ecuadorian team over the Sabalero together with the main responsible for the Conmebol and the FIFA. "I was with Dominguez and Infantino in Asuncion. I take this opportunity to congratulate the people of Columbus for the emotional attitude they showed in the South American final. It was a very nice party, with a result that did not happen”, Revealed the president of River, who also was responsible for ruling out the possible arrival of Marcelo Gallardo to the Barcelona in the near future: “None of that is true. It is a product of imagination. We know that he is an extraordinary technician who demonstrates his ability day by day. I understand that he is a very coveted coach anywhere in the world, but to me I would like to see it in the National Team ”.

In Spain the Catalan cast goes through an irregular present and the production of the whole Cule He questioned the continuity of Ernesto Valverde. According to European media, Marcelo Gallardo (He would have the support of Lionel Messi, who voted for coach of the year at the awards The best) already Ronald Koeman are the main candidates to replace the current DT Blaugrana.

However, the president Josep Bartomeu, in dialogue with the agency AP, came out to support Valverde. “This season we have brought young players who must help us overcome these stages. We believe he is the ideal coach to lead this combination of a generation of players of a certain age who have been so successful with that of promising players. It is important to create this link, this union, to form a new team and this new group that will take forward the Barca. And Valverde has this ability, ”said the president.

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