Roger Federer advances the schedule of his exhibition match and will participate in social activities in Chile


APEC, COP 25, Copa Libertadoresdisplay of Ronaldinho, Chile vs. Bolivia. Although most of the massive events scheduled for the closing of 2019 in Chile were canceled as a result of the crisis that is going through our country, the exhibition of Roger Federer, scheduled for November 19thIt seems to be the exception.

The Swiss tennis player will play a challenge against the German Alexander Zverev at 10:00 p.m. (advanced from 10:30 p.m.) at the Movistar Arena, and it will be the first time I stepped on Chilean soil.

In order for this to happen in the middle of the social outbreak, the producer of the event, Fenix ​​Etertainment Group, explained to El Mercurio the logistics work they will carry out to protect the safety of the historic player.

“With everything that is going on, security protocols are being evaluated day by day, and therefore, they vary permanently. The routes and routes that Federer and Zverev will have are undergoing constant changes ”he explained Rodrigo Sanchez, communications manager.

“Roger asked for the minimum of security agents around him, it is something he asks of all the places he goes. He is a very simple person ”Sanchez added.

Direct from the Masters Tournament in London, Federer would reach Santiago on November 19 at noon on his private plane, accompanied by Zverev and nine other people, according to the aforementioned morning. In addition, later "his majesty" would participate in social activities in the capital.

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