Roger Federer explains why he did not play the ATP Cup of Australia.


Roger Federer explained the reasons for his withdrawal from ATP Cup in Australia. The native of Basel said: "When we had to register for the ATP Cup, it was soon after Wimbledon, for me it was always logical to play the first week.

The South American tour was already long to program, and it was something I had wanted to do for a long time. I could not do it because of my knee, because of my children, I could not do it the following year or two years later because it was going to be too much "Federer explained:"South America was a priority for me.

ATP Cup also to play the first week. Then when I realized that Stan (Wawrinka) was not going to play, that my family was not going to Sydney, I preferred to stay at home with my loved ones and train calmly forAustralian Open and for the finals of the World Tour "The Swiss record holder concluded:"I had the match of my dreams with Rafa on February 7th, it's been two or three years that I try to face him.

It has always been a priority for me. I had to give up a tournament and it was the ATP Cup. I felt like I was going to be very happy to play it, but I realized it was not so important to me.

Normally, I do not make that kind of decision, but I ended up in a situation where I had to make a decision after Wimbledon "

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