Roger Federer: "I tried everything: blond, red hair …"


Balance is crucial for Roger Federer being 38 years old. But that has not always been the case. As a teenager, the Swiss was a man with a lot of controversy.

"It's both weird and funny, because over the years I've been through all these things, my hair is shorter now, I've tried anything and everything.

I had blond hair, wanted red hair, then thought it was a bit excessive and changed my mind. These moments at Roland Garros or during the Davis Cup victory was incredible because I had these goals for a long time.

There was a bit of everything, "said Federer," The Swiss do not only watch tennis on television, but also other sports. " I do not look athletic enough, but I am fascinated by their power.

In all cases. Anyone who practices athletics. I find it incredible, you have to be very serious, professional. Dedicated to all aspects. "About swimming, the native of Basel concluded:" Long distance events are not something I do not understand, but they are so different from what we do in tennis.

The effort required for long distances is completely. I find that they need to put more effort than us. Maybe they think we are providing more effort, but I have a lot of respect for long distance runners for their mental strength, to run for multiple events and on a consistent basis. "

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