Roger Federer makes its premiere in London


The most winner does not want to lose the habit. That which has been denied in London since 2011. Roger Federer wants to achieve his seventh title in the ATP Finals in the English capital in 16 participations.

The Swiss, from 17 this Sunday on ESPN and Play, will debut against Austrian Dominic Thiem, with whom he faced in the same instance in the 2018 season. The front-to-front shows the number 5 in the world, ahead of the Swiss 4 -2. Until this season they were tied in two, but in the two clashes of 2019 the result was favorable to Thiem.

In turn, he will seek to deduct points from his rivals on the podium, something that due to the excellent year that both Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal had, could help him climb some position in the 2020 season, in case both cannot defend everything won.

His first appearance was in 2002 and, until in 2016 he could not appear due to an injury, he added 14 presentations in a row. On his return to the tournament he could not pass the semifinals. It should be noted that only once (2008) could not access the semifinal, and harvest 10 final plays.

It is a key match for both because in the numbers it is the most even duel of the group. Both will then have world number 2 and Matteo Berrettini, the last to qualify.

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