Roman Polanski, accused of rape, denies and thinks of a judicial retaliation


The director Roman Polanski is accused by an actress, in Le Parisien, of having violated it in 1975. Prescribed facts. – AFP

Roman Polanski, accused by a Frenchwoman, Valentine Monnier, to have raped her in 1975, denies this accusation "with the greatest firmness," said Sunday his lawyer, who reflects "the judicial action to bring" the publication of this testimony in The Parisian.

"We are working on legal action," says his lawyer

"Mr. Polanski challenges with the utmost firmness this accusation of rape," said Herve Temime in a statement sent to AFP. "We are working on the legal consequences to bring to this publication," said the lawyer, who said that the director, whose next film on the Dreyfus Affair comes out Wednesday in France, "will not participate in the media court and (him) not more ".

In a testimony published by The Parisian Friday night, Valentine Monnier, photographer, former model and who also played in some movies in the 80s, accuses
Roman Polanski struck and raped her in 1975 in Switzerland when she was eighteen.

Other charges in recent years

The French, whose charges are added to those of other women in recent years, all also denied by Roman Polanski, said not to have filed a complaint for these facts, prescribed. But she claims to have decided to publicly bear this accusation because of the theme of the film due out Wednesday, namely a miscarriage of justice. Roman Polanski is still being prosecuted by the American courts as part of a minor diversion procedure launched in 1977.

"I just want to remind you that this accusation is about forty-five-year-old facts. That this accusation has never been brought to the attention of Mr. Polanski and no more to the judicial institution, if not a letter to the California Attorney General two years ago, to read The Parisian ", Wrote Me Temime in his statement.

Prescribed facts

"If these facts are prescribed for more than thirty years, it is also because it is impossible after such a period to collect all the elements necessary for an investigation respecting the criteria required by the administration of good justice", continues Roman Polanski's advice.

Valentine Monnier received Saturday the support of the actress Adele Haenel, one of the most popular French actresses,
who has accused the director Christophe Ruggia in recent days of "touching" and "sexual harassment" when she was a teenager.

Dujardin cancels his arrival at 20h of TF1

At the Venice Film Festival, "J'accuse" was awarded the Grand Prix du jury but his selection in competition had already revived the controversy around the director.

In this context, Jean Dujardin, who plays the main role of "J'accuse" – that of Lieutenant-Colonel Georges Picquart, who had disseminated the evidence allowing Captain Dreyfus to be acquitted – canceled his appearance on the television news program. 20h on TF1 Sunday night, told the channel to AFP, confirming information from the Parisian.

The filmmakers of the ARP (Civil Society of Authors, Directors and Producers), including Roman Polanski, have indicated that if they "were to decide on the status of Roman Polanski, they would do so with the agreement of filmmakers »members.

"There is no board planned for now," said Pierre Charpilloz AFP, communication officer at the ARP, body chaired by Pierre Jolivet and which brings together more than 200 filmmakers. Roman Polanski is also a member of the Association for the Promotion of Cinema (APC), which oversees the Academie des Cesars and has 47 members. Asked by AFP for a reaction to the new charges against Roman Polanski, the president of the Academy and the APC office, Alain Terzian, has not responded at this stage.



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