Roman Polanski accused of rape: Jean Dujardin cancels his arrival at the "20 Heures" of TF1


He will not promote "J'accuse" on the "20 Heures" stage. According to information from the "Parisian", that is able to confirm, Jean Dujardin has canceled his coming in the "20 Hours" of TF1 tonight. The actor had to answer Anne-Claire Coudray's questions and promote the latest film by Roman Polanski, "J'accuse". In the latter, he plays the leading role, that of Lieutenant-Colonel Picquart, chief of the intelligence service, who led the investigation leading to the rehabilitation of Captain Alfred Dreyfus, played by Louis Garrel.

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This decision comes after the publication on November 8 by "Le Parisien" charges of rape brought by Valentine Monnier against Roman Polanski. The actress and photographer denounced an assault that occurred during a stay in Gstaad, Switzerland, in 1975, when she had just turned 18 years old. It is the release of the movie "J'accuse" which decided Valentine Monnier to speak publicly. "Without 'I accuse', I would have remained in my silence, as I have done for forty-four years", said Valentine Monnier, explaining that she had lived through the filmmaker's statements and articles about this film as a provocation.

Roman Polanski refutes for his part the accusation of Valentine Monnier "with the greatest firmness"said his lawyer on Sunday, thinking"to the judicial consequences to bring"to the publication of this testimony.

"I have a lot of affection and compassion for Adele Haenel"

On France Inter Friday morning, before the revelation of the testimony of Valentine Monnier, Jean Dujardin had been questioned about the situation of Adele Haenel, who accused Sunday Sunday, November 3 in "Mediapart" director Christophe Ruggia of harassment and touching, then that she was a minor. "I have a lot of affection and compassion for Adele Haenel", thus assured the French actor."I have always felt his great rage, his anger. I sensed her injury but I did not know she would be so deep"he added.

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