Romania Election: Johannis First – runoff required


The presidential race in Romania will be decided in a runoff election. In the presidential election on Sunday, according to polls of voters after the vote, none of the 14 candidates reached the necessary absolute majority. Incumbent Klaus Johannis (Iohannis) secured accordingly, as expected, loose first place.

The leading candidate of the Liberal Party (PNL), which has been in power for a few days, received between 39 and 40 percent of the votes cast. Behind them are candidates for the Social Democrats (PSD), ex-head of government Viorica Dancila, and head of the young reform party "Union saves Romania" (USR), Dan Barna, head-to-head for the final round of the electoral round against Johannis.

According to the predictions of the pollsters CURS / Avangarde and IRES Dancila comes to 22.5 and 22.0 percent of the votes cast. Barna is third with 16.4 and 16.1 percent, respectively. However, with neither election poll taking into account the voting behavior of the nearly 700,000 foreign Rumanians that voted this time, Dancila's projected lead runs the risk of melting away in the course of the vote count.

Votes of the first three candidates. - © APAweb

Votes of the first three candidates. – © APAweb

Wahbeteiligung probably at more than 50 percent

Traditionally, Romanian voters living abroad are only a small part of the PSD electorate, so that USR leader Barna, with their votes, could ultimately make it into the runoff. For the Social Democrats and their party leader, who had already been sentenced to the European election, and who emerged from the Communist Party, this would be an electoral debacle without equal: For the first time since the turn, the decisive round of a presidential race would be held without the PSD candidate and, moreover, exclusively by decidedly pro-European politicians.

Domestic voter turnout, according to the Romanian electoral authority, was 47.66 percent; plus the record odds achieved abroad, which was voted this time over a period of three days, it should ultimately be more than 50 percent.

Resilient results on Monday

Reliable results due to the counting of ballots was only expected on Monday. The official election result is expected on Wednesday.

Dancila was Prime Minister of Romania from January 2018 to a week ago, and was ousted by a vote of no confidence in parliament. Her successor was Ludovic Orban, chairman of the civil party PNL, which supports the non-party Johannis.

The populist actor and ex-deputy Mircea Diaconu, formed by ALDE and Pro Romania, came to eight percent of the vote; the remaining candidates remained all – sometimes far – below the ten-percent mark. (APA)

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