Rudi Garcia, after OM-OL: "Tousart missed us" – Foot – L1 – OL


"After five consecutive losses in the Championship against OL with you as coach, OM returned to victory in this opposition when you changed bench. Do you think you are cursed?
I think they were better than us in envy and fighting spirit. That's why we lost that match even though we started pretty well. After, there is this episode of the penalty that puts us behind (to the score). In the second half, we were much better for fifteen minutes and we reduced the score. But what disappoints me the most is that we did not manage well the numerical superiority (after the expulsion of Alvaro Gonzalez, 64th). But we are a young team that must also learn from this kind of match and situation.

Why did you take out Jeff Queen-Adelaide at half-time?
It was necessary to put an environment in addition to be beefier. In the second period, we were also much more balanced. After, the choice fell on Jeff but he could have been on other offensive players. The problem is that when we switched to numerical superiority, we lost Houssem (Aouar, by injury). And without Houssem and Jeff, we ran out of technical leaders to take advantage of it.

"The team lacked tactical thinking"

Did Memphis Depay's creativity miss you?
I do not believe. Of course, he's an exceptional player and that would have helped us. But I think it's Lucas (Tousart) who missed us. To return to the athletic impact and determination in the duels.

Did your team run out of breath late in the game?
I do not believe. She lacked tactical thinking. When we are eleven against ten and our circles come to get the ball in the feet of the central, we are four players eliminate anyone. You have to learn fast from these matches to progress. "

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