Rudi Garcia faces the hell of Marseille


Tomorrow is not an ordinary day in Marseille. The Velodrome hosts the "Olympique derby" that faces the OM and the OL, one of the most rival French football matches and always characterized by having an intensity and an emotion above normal.

For the first time in a long time, the main attraction of the game will not be put by the 22 players, but the benches. Rudi Garcia, who was coach of Olympique de Marseille five months ago, returns to the Velodrome as coach of Lyon, a "betrayal" that OM fans do not forget, that tomorrow they will receive you with a loud whistle.

The last time a similar situation occurred was in 2015. Mathieu Valbuena, idol in the OM and who was even removed from number 28, he returned to Marseille with the Lyon shirt. The meeting had to stop for several minutes by throwing objects at the midpoint, to which they even dedicated a banner in which they I saw the soccer player hanged.

OM players have not hesitated to criticize Rudi Garcia and burn more if possible prior to the meeting. Payet, which Rudi had in Lille and OM, has compared Villas-Boas and his former coach: "We finally have a coach who talks to the players at heart, does not say a few things and then does not meet them", to which Rudi Garcia hours later refused to respond.

Tomorrow, when you roll the ball at 9pm at the Velodrome, the spotlights will be placed on the reception of the OM fan to Rudi Garcia. In Marseille there is a commandment and it is that you cannot go to PSG or Lyon if you leave the club. Rudi, who has tried to divert attention at a press conference praising OM leaders, is aware that tomorrow he will have the worst reception of his long career as a coach

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