Saint-Etienne overthrows FC Nantes, Montpellier starts again


Continuation of this 13th day of Ligue 1 with two meetings scheduled this afternoon. First there was FC Nantes who received AS Saint-Etienne. The Canaries could take 2nd place if successful. Gourcuff sent Benavente alongside Blas at creation in the middle while Coulibaly recovered him the place of the advanced striker. The match started strong with a goal logically denied Pallois (2nd) but Blas did indeed score on the center down to earth (1-0, 14th). With Camara, Youssouf and Honorat aligned at kickoff, the Greens did not disassociate. Holder for the first time in a month, Trauco equalized quickly with a beautiful head at the far post (1-1, 22nd). Yet used to defend seriously, the two teams were totally engaged and still moved the scoreboard.

Blas recovered a hot ball in the feet of Kolodziejczak, timed to find then Louza, who a clear shot restored the advantage to Nantes (2-1, 26th). The joy was again short-lived as Bouanga took advantage of a perfect Trauco cross to equalize (2-2, 34). The pace fell a bit in the second half but that did not prevent the Nantais to start again. First saved by his bar on the head of Pallois (65th), Ruffier kept his afloat on the point-blank shot of Simon (66th). Although he took it because on the next cons, the Greens took the advantage thanks to the second goal of Bouanga (2-3, 67th). Febrile, the FCN did not abdicate even if a new thrill was felt with this strong center of Nordin (74th). Ruffier was once again playing firefighters against Louza (77th) and Moutoussamy (85th) to preserve this 5th success acquired over the last six games. The Puel effect is more than ever felt since ASSE is 3rd in Ligue 1. Nantes is 8th.

The Delort-Laborde duo revives Montpellier

Direction now Mosson where Montpellier received Toulouse. Except for Mollet because suspended, we found the usual holders, joined by Chotard and especially Savanier, who started his third game in a row in Ligue 1. Opposite, the TFC started in 4-3-3, which prevented Koulouris to start. After about ten boring minutes, things accelerated. Following a support on Laborde, Delort thought to crucify Reynet of a subtle dive (13th) but the VAR denied the goal for an offside frankly not obvious. Despite his dominance and a certain technical grip on the match, the MHSC was struggling to approach the opponent's surface. Just before the break, it was finally on a new stroke of genius Delort that the situation was unblocked.

The former Toulousain, deceived Victor by taking the ball behind his foot support and found Laborde, who had taken the defense of speed at the first post (1-0, 43). The striker exploded with joy, he who finally opened his meter this season. Led, the Tef returned after the break in 4-4-2, Koulouris replacing Winner. But even in this new tactical scheme, the Violets did not arrive there, overwhelmed by the collective Montpellier. The Tallec doubled even the placing of a uncrossed head after a floating Congre ball (2-0, 60th). Savanier was actively involved in the party by scoring the third goal of the meeting with a shot on which Reynet was not great (3-0, 75th). The Paillade puts an end to his bad series of three games without a win and goes back to 5th place. Toulouse is 19th.

The results of the afternoon:

Nantes 2 – 3 Saint Etienne Blas (14th), Louza (26th); Trauco (22nd), Bouanga (34th, 67th).

Montpellier 3 – 0 Toulouse: Laborde (43), Le Tallec (60), Savanier (75).

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