Saint-Etienne: snapped up by her multi-cooker, a mother dies


It is a domestic accident that turned to drama, this Sunday, November 10 in Saint-Etienne. A 50-year-old is dead strangled by his own scarf that got stuck in his cooking robot. It was her son, with whom she made a cake, who alerted the rescue, according to firefighters and the police, quoted by AFP.

It is around 10am this Sunday that the son of the victim, aged 15, has alerted the rescue. Witness of the scene, he was at his side in the apartment at the time of the tragedy and could, according to the advice of his interlocutors, have good reflexes. He thus directly cut off the power supply to the food processor before slicing the garment that strangled his mother. And when they arrived, the firefighters and Samu tried to revive the fifties. In vain.

According to initial evidence, the accident occurred while the 58-year-old woman was baking a cake with her son.

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