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Two times in the scoring, AS Saint-Etienne showed a great character to take the three points in Nantes (2-3). Formerly a red lantern, here is ASSE on the Ligue 1 podium. Thank you Claude Puel.

                <span class="auteur" itemprop="author" itemscope="" itemtype=""><span itemprop="name">By Antoine Donnarieix</span></span>
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         <h2 class="article_intertitre_grand"><span title="Fc Nantes" style="background-image:url(" class="blason-equipe"><img data-src=""/></span>  FC Nantes 2-3 AS Saint-Étienne <span title="As Saint Etienne" style="background-image:url(" class="blason-equipe"><img data-src=""/></span></h2><i>Goals: Blas (14<sup>e</sup>) and Louza (26<sup>e</sup>) for the Canaries / Trauco (22<sup>e</sup>) and Bouanga (34<sup>e</sup>, 67<sup>e</sup>) for the ASSE.</i> <p>In La Beaujoire this Sunday, Nantais and Stephanois fought a merciless battle to give a good publicity to the show of the championship of France. A conflict that found its last great feat by Denis Bouanga, author of the decisive goal that allows the ASSE to leave Nantes with three points torn off with courage. To disgrace it, Bouanga offered himself an unusual celebration: to give a kiss on the cheek of his daughter. Like what, love always takes over the war. <br/></p><h2 class="article_intertitre_petit">For whom Blas sounds</h2><br/>There was something to think about AS Saint-Etienne. Only two days after having let slip two points stupidly on the side of Oleksandriïa, the men of Claude Puel advanced on the lawn of the third of Ligue 1, ready to fight, but probably affected morally. In front, Nantes wants only one thing: to push the head of his opponent of the day in the soft belly of the Ligue 1. Moreover, the local intentions are quickly visible in the image of Ludovic Blas. Launch pad for the playmaker Christian Benavente, the former Guingampais is at the origin and the conclusion of the first offensive movement in Nantes, to allow the Canaries to open the scoring (1-0, 14<sup>e</sup>). Opposite, Sainte answers with his tac thanks to his weapon of the evening: the lateral ones. Offset by Romain Hamouma, Franck Honorat sends a cross to Miguel Trauco&#39;s header, scorer for the first time in the green jersey (1-1, 22<sup>e</sup>). One everywhere, ball in the center. <br/><span class="teads-inread-target"/><br/><br/>History to be inspired by the Peruvian international, midfielder Imran Louza will also enjoy a ball lost by Timothy Kolodziejczak to resume with a deflected shot the center behind the untenable Blas (2-1, 26<sup>e</sup>). Detached in the score after returning tied, the ASSE will yet find new resources to join the locker room back to back with the army of Nantes. Thanks to whom ? Trauco, who also scored a crucial assist, to Denis Bouanga (2-2, 34<sup>e</sup>), during this first period. Totally unbridled, the match continues to run at the moment when Blas sees his shot hijacked by the defense of the Greens and stopped in his race towards the goal by a headline of Stephane Ruffier. That the bad languages ​​are walled in the silence: yes, the Ligue 1 is able to produce spectacle without having to appeal to Paris Saint-Germain. <br/><h2 class="article_intertitre_petit">The deadly kiss of Bouanga</h2><br/>What to deduce from this first act? That AS Saint-Etienne is a team that never admits defeated under the Puel era. For the seventh game under the leadership of the former coach of Leicester City, Forez has often bent without breaking, and the second period is the perfect example. Nicolas Pallois smashes a header on a corner? The ball crashes on the cross of Ruffier which requires more discipline to his teammates. Moses Simon is in front of Ruffier? The French goalkeeper emerged solid winner of his face to face with the Nigerian. Two minutes later, Nantes pays its lack of offensive realism on an opponent, initiated by a delightful pass by Ryad Boudebouz and a conclusion of Bouanga, author of a double murderer (2-3, 67<sup>e</sup>). At the end of the match, Louza will try to copy the international Gabon, but Ruffier is illustrated once again a reflex stop. Red lantern when Puel arrived at the club, Saint-Etienne is now third in Ligue 1. Times are changing ... <br/><br/><small><span title="Fc Nantes" style="background-image:url(" class="blason-equipe"><img data-src=""/></span>  FC Nantes (4-2-3-1): Lafont - Basila, Pallois, Girotto, C.Traore (Moutoussamy, 78<sup>e</sup>) - Louza, Toure - Blas, Benavente (Bamba, 70<sup>e</sup>), M.Simon - Coulibaly. <b>Coach:</b> Christian Gourcuff.<br/><span title="As Saint Etienne" style="background-image:url(" class="blason-equipe"><img data-src=""/></span> <b>AS Saint-Etienne (3-4-2-1):</b> Ruffier - Kolodziejczak, Moukoudi, Debuchy - Trauco, Camara, Youssouf, Honorat - Bouanga (Diousse, 81<sup>e</sup>), Boudebouz (Nordin, 68)<sup>e</sup>) - Hamouma (Khazri, 58)<sup>e</sup>). <b>Coach:</b> Claude Puel.</small><li class="article-puce article-puce-2"><span class="svg-fleche svg-image"><svg class="svg"><use xlink:href="#fleche"/></svg></span>  Results and ranking of Ligue 1 <p><span class="auteur">By Antoine Donnarieix</span>


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