Samsung Galaxy Fold: The foldable smartphone in the test


MSometimes it takes a long time for a device to be ready for testing. Samsung had already introduced its Galaxy Fold in February in San Francisco. A few months later, the group released the smartphone for a short time to freedom, then quickly collect it again.

Some testers had noted blatant deficiencies, especially on the display. It was just the screen of the star of the device. Because he can be folded. The Fold went back to the lab and the engineers had to do it again.

The sales start has been postponed – until now. Now Samsung launches a new start. We spent two weeks using the Fold to test the device.

Five warnings to start

You can tell immediately that the Galaxy Fold is not a normal smartphone. Upon delivery, it is wrapped in a protective film with five warnings:

Do not press too hard on the display. When folding, do not pin objects such as credit cards or coins. Protect from moisture and dust. Do not stick a protective foil on the display. Keep away from credit cards and electronic implants because strong magnets are installed on the device.

That's an unusually high standard. But the fold is also an unusual smartphone.

When unfolded, the fold becomes a small tablet

In short, the Fold has six cameras – three main cameras on the back, a twelve megapixel camera, paired with a depth sensor on the inside, and a ten-megapixel selfie camera on the front.

All cameras delivered good results in the test, they are on about the same level as the Samsung Galaxy S10. On the front is also a 4.6-inch small display housed. If the device is folded, the messages or calls appear there.

Galaxy Fold from Samsung

If the Galaxy Fold opened, the user has a 7.3-inch display available

Source: Samsung

In fact, it's a full-fledged display that lets you do anything you do on an Android phone. But who wants to, if he has the opportunity to unfold the fold? Then the smartphone starts to be really fun.

Inside is the user a 7.3-inch display available – so basically a small tablet that can be stowed in a handy size.

The battery makes a lot with

In the test we almost only wanted to use this display. Because everything is better there than on the outdoor display. E-mails, access web pages, read the newspaper. Actually, one wants to use the device folded only to make phone calls.

The fear of draining the battery too fast was unfounded. Even after a day with a four-hour train ride, during which the Fold was in constant use, there was still more than 20 percent reserve at midnight.

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If you look closely, you can see in the middle the place where the display is folded. Especially if the screen is dark. But in normal use you can quickly overlook it. It does not bother you anymore. Because the display is made of plastic, you also feel the fold when you run your finger over it.

For movies, the Galaxy Fold is perfect

Samsung has apparently been thinking about what users want to do on the big screen. Therefore it is also possible to run three applications or windows in parallel.

However, the windows are then quite small, so they are not really good to use. We have always used an application format filling. The display is very well suited for that.

Only for movies, black bars are visible at the top and bottom due to the 4.2: 3 format. But anyway: for movies, the Galaxy Fold is perfect – and for games such as the race title "Asphalt 9". The transfer of some apps from the outside to the inside display works well when the device is opened. This applies, for example, to Google Maps. The application is just better to use at 7.3 inches than 4.6 inches.

When unfolding, observers are amazed

Even though, after some practice, we managed to open and fold the fold with one hand. Usually you take both hands for it. But that is also familiar from smartphones that have a display beyond the six-inch size. In the test, we have a few times when unfolding for amazement in the area worried. However, we expected to be contacted more frequently.

Conclusion: With the Galaxy Fold Samsung has established a new device category. The fold feels high quality processed. And yet it is still an experiment, a first generation with which Samsung dares something.

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It's a little reminiscent of the Nokia Communicator, which was also the beginning of a major smartphone trend. Here, of course, the technology is significantly further developed. The Fold has a lightning-fast processor built in, like a power bank can charge other devices wirelessly and has generous 512 gigabytes of memory.

The package includes a protective case and the Galaxy Buds wireless earphones. However, the device with 276 grams is very heavy and as thick as two smartphones, which lie on each other.

If you want to be part of this experiment, you pay 2100 Euro. But the Fold can spark over the fifth generation of technology 5G – provided you find an antenna for it.

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