Santiago and Camaguey lead national baseball series


Santiago de Cuba knocked out in seven entrances to Industriales with a 10-0 board in the Latin American stadium and shares the top with Camaguey in the second stage of the National Baseball Series.
The Wasps unleashed an offensive of 14 hits led by Edilse Silva with single, double and homer (13th) that served to tow four teammates.
Left-hander Ulfrido Garcia (6-5) took the victory with full work, while Jonathan Carbo (3-8), loaded with the reverse after 4.2 on the hill with 9 hits and five clean to his statistics.
In the "Candido Gonzalez" stadium of Camaguey, the bulls of the plain preserved the tie with the Santiagoians by beating Matanzas 7-0 supported by a great opening of the left-hander Dariel Gongora (7-4) with 7.0 inning on the hill with the same number of strikeouts and 4 hits allowed. Dairon Mena lost this game.
Finally, in the "Julio Antonio Mella" of Las Tunas the local ninth broke three-way adverse streak and beat Cienfuegos with a score of 10-7 with a six-run rebellion at the close of the eighth chapter. Here the stellar torpedo holguinero Yordan Manduley drove four races with double and single.
Reliever Yacel Labrada (2-2) accumulated credit to his personal card and Reemberto Barreto (4-3) charged with the blame.
POSITIONS: Santiago de Cuba and Camaguey (35-21), Matanzas (34-22 to 1.0), Las Tunas and Cienfuegos (33-23 to 2.0) and Industriales (29-27 to 6.0).

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