Saunders and Haney comply with just before KSI vs Paul 2


The Staples Center in Los Angeles was full and was for a single reason. The people who gathered there wanted to see the boxing match between KSI and Logan Paul. Two youtubers who had faced each other in the summer of 2018 and had their revenge with professional rules (they made their debut). The noise during the six rounds was deafening, and only they managed to lift fans from their seats. It was a global show and as such it was treated by all present. In sports, the victory went to KSI by split decision (55-56, 57-54 and 56-55), since Paul made a rookie mistake when the Briton was almost knocked out and cost him two points. They ended up being vital … although the important thing is that after so many crossings of declarations both signed the peace.

Before, Matchroom had placed two men who intended to marvel taking advantage of the event's media pull. Devin Haney is nicknamed the 'new Mayweather'. It has 20 years, a lot of quality … and also responsibility. He is already the WBC World lightweight champion, a belt he defended on Saturday. He held it unanimously (triple 120-107) before Alfredo Santiago, who to arrive in Los Angeles with almost no options showed up in a fight that complicated the young champion more than the cards reflected.

Haney tried to make his punch good, but only in the fifth round with a three-handed series (one touched the illegality on the back of the head) sent the Dominican to the ground. The American never just found himself comfortable. Santiago was larger and knew how to squeeze. He failed to throw few punches, which penalized him. Haney was more accurate and although the fight was very busy in his central assaults, Devin knew to put it on his side. "It is a fight that I learned a lot"The boxer acknowledged. He is young, but with veteran spells (he debuted with 16 and since 12 he trains in Las Vegas with Mayweather as a reference). He lacked experience in irregular lawsuits and won it. In 2020 he made it clear:" he wants unify".

Saunders resolved a bad day with a KO

<figure id = "summary_1 | photo" onclick = "javascript: broadFoto (this, '/masdeporte/imagenes/2019/11/10/polideportivo/1573369028_925144_1573369366_sumario_grande.jpg', '976', '605', 'Billy Joe Saunders hits to Coceres during his fight. /

Billy Joe Saunders hits Coceres during his fight.

Billy Joe Saunders had a more complicated night than Haney. The American dominated every round, but eThe British was overcome at certain times by Marcelo Esteban Coceres. The Argentine, to whom no one gave any options, raised a very complicated fight for the Englishman, who rhe decided to win by KO in the eleventh round. The decision of the judges was not at all clear and the action cleared any doubt. A shame for Coceres, who deserved to at least finish the rounds. So, Saunders retains the WBO from the middle and after the lawsuit, despite not shining, it was clear: "Cinnamon, listen. You are not champion in four divisions. For me that WBA belt from the middle is not real. Let's box"he said. His goal in signing with Matchroom was this. Now he has to wait.

In the fight he was seen looking weird and he didn't go too deep. "I don't want to make excuses, my rival was very good"he said. It was true, since Coceres was allowed to do in the first round and from the second set the pace. With straight blows and looking for the European flotation zone was complicating Saunders.l British was never comfortable, and although he took off blows, he also received them. In the short distance the Argentine shone and the champion watched as the assaults passed and still did not convince.

Boxing back Saunders is comfortable, but he didn't make it that way this Saturday either. It was when he suffered most, since if he commanded he slowed his opponent and quickly removed his cons. For his part, Coceres's face was different. He kissed each member of his corner before leaving. He was boxing very well and had the chime in his hands … but he celebrated early. With two crochets he sent the aspirant to the ground, something that seemed impossible already at that point. Coceres remade himself, but with an upper he went to the ground again and after the third fall the referee stopped the lawsuit. A KO avoided the surprise, since with two rounds ahead the cards were: 96-94, 96-94 and 94-96 for English.

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