SC Paderborn: Fourth official is said to have insulted team as "blind"


Paderborn's sports director Martin Przondziono has raised charges against fourth-placed official Martin Thomsen following his side's 1-0 defeat by FC Augsburg. Even at the game FC Schalke 04 against Fortuna Dusseldorf should have been a similar incident.

"You can make a mistake as a referee, but if the fourth official – and you have to really bring this to public – says," then your blind but better football plays "at halftime, if the fourth official that to me says, then the full measure is now full, "said Przondziono.

Martin Thomsen denies "blind" statement

Previously, the Paderborn CEO had criticized that from his point of view, an Augsburg player in the winning goal of the guests by Philipp Max by free kick have been forbidden in the wall.

Martin Thomsen has denied the allegations on Sunday in a statement. "The statement made by Mr. Przondziono is absolutely baseless and has no basis whatsoever," Thomsen said.

He assures, "that I have made this and no other statement that could be understood in this direction almost to the Paderborn way of playing." Thomsen emphasized, "that the statement was not made by me. The accusation of any kind of insult, I reject the strongest ".

Friedhelm Funkel is apparently called by the referee "Rumpelstiltskin"

In Gelsenkirchen another case occurred on Samtsag in which a referee is said to have made a derogatory statement. Friedhelm Funkel, coach of Fortuna Dusseldorf, had seen 3: 3 at FC Schalke 04 the yellow card of referee Robert Hartmann.

Opposite the "Rheinische Post" Funkel said: "I jumped high and just called that it was not a foul. Then Mr. Hartmann comes to me, shows me yellow. And I ask, 'Why are you giving me a yellow?' Then he literally says, 'Because you jumped up like Rumpelstiltskin.' I can not think of anything. "

Funkel felt offended and added, "If I say rumpelstiltskin to the referee, then I get the red card. But he can say that to me. "After the game Hartmann did not want to comment on the scene to the Fortuna coach anymore.

VAR in the criticism: Baumgart wonders "if they want to fool people"

SCP coach Steffen Baumgart also talked about the scene and criticized the implementation of the video evidence. In general, he is a proponent of technology, said the 47-year-old. But he could not understand why the gate was not checked for his information. "Technology has nothing to do with that, you just have to look it up," he said.

SCP coach Steffen Baumgart railed after the defeat against Augsburg against the video evidence.

SCP coach Steffen Baumgart railed after the defeat against Augsburg against the video evidence.

He is slowly wondering "if people want to fool. That's what bothers me. " For him it was a clear mistake. "If he had looked at it and said it was all right, okay. Then I will not change it. But not to bring it into play … "Losing the game through such a situation is" borderline ". (Dpa / red / mz)

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